What to do with fireplace ashes

There are many more uses for fireplace ashes than I ever knew. 1. Compost bin - only a little amongst the organic matter. 2. A light layer around plants can keep slugs away. 3. A tablespoon of ash to 1000 gallons of water for a pond will keep algae down.. 4. As a fertilizer. 5. Cleaning silver.

Can you give more ways to use ashes?

To see more: http://twosucculentsisters.blogspot.com/2013/01/ashes-from-fireplace.html

  • Anna Mellen
    I use some when making lye soap.
  • Beverly Blough
    Beverly Blough Belpre, OH
  • Cherrie Heikes
    Cherrie Heikes Olney Springs, CO
    Since I use wood for heating I have ash all winter to add to my planting area and plenty for my laying hens too. Although I normally allow to sit prior to dumping this year I have carefully been using the hot ash to help get stickers under control along
  • Sarah Sarich
    Sarah Sarich Raymond, WA
    I usually dump the ashes on the compost without worrying about ratios. It always seems to work out. In the Spring, though, I use the last couple of fires for ash to put on the turnip and parsnip beds instead of compost.
  • Peggy Ash
    Peggy Ash Guilford, IN
    We have a wood burner & all winter long I spread the ashes on the snow over the garden area & around all the plants [ lilacs, hydrangea, holly bushes] & flower beds in the yard...some in the compost bins, & a little along the creek bed edges to
    • Sammokka
      sammokka Hanover, PA
      Peggy Ash Thanks Peggy; I didn't know about the ash with mosquito's; they are bad this year.
Linda B