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What to do with fireplace ashes

There are many more uses for fireplace ashes than I ever knew. 1. Compost bin - only a little amongst the organic matter. 2. A light layer around plants can keep slugs away. 3. A tablespoon of ash to 1000 gallons of water for a pond will keep algae down.. 4. As a fertilizer. 5. Cleaning silver.
Can you give more ways to use ashes?

To see more: http://twosucculentsisters.blogspot.com/2013/01/ashes-from-fireplace.html

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  • Bill Evans
    Bill Evans Anderson, IN

    A local RV campground uses ashes from the fire pits to control poison ivy.

  • D roach
    D roach United Kingdom

    if its wood ash you can make 'lye' to make soap with. Research it on YouTube

  • Laura Pettit
    Laura Pettit Collinwood, TN

    My dad used to put them around his rose bushes after they were cool. I think he said they like the nitrates in the ash. He used to get roses almost 6 inches across. Just mix them in the soil.

  • Fred
    Fred Lumberton, NC

    They may be good for the driveway in winter I remember taking the coal ashes
    from our furnace out to the garage for that purpose. When I was a young man it was my chore every time my dad cleaned the furnace out.

  • Mike Wagner
    Mike Wagner Cumberland, IA

    Those "clinkers" or "cinders" from the old coal burning furnaces we more like gravel than the ash from burning wood. Wood burning ash is messy and very fine textured and tracks everywhere. While it might give better traction on ice, it really isn't

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