Clean Your Oven Glass

make it shine 06.20.15
Another dirty little secret is being revealed today. How many times do you share with others what the inside of your oven looks like? I am going to tell our readers that I purposely let my oven glass get this dirty for the sake of this post. Yep. That's my story. And I'm sticking with it. {{wink wink}}

There are quite a few pins out there with instructions on how to clean your oven glass. They make it look and sound so easy. Right? Right. The easiest one that I found used two ingredients. Baking Soda and water. Two ingredients to clean my glass? I was all over that and set out to test this pin.

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  • Toni Pardoe Ellsworth
    Toni Pardoe Ellsworth Spanish Fork, UT
    Have used Krud Kutter for years and I LOVE it! Everything from walls, floors, laundry pre-treatment.
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    Another great oven cleaner is St. Moritz. It is a non-aerosol spray. It is highly corrosive, so wear gloves and a mask when using it.
  • Florita Arichea
    Florita Arichea Oxnard, CA
    EASY OFF oven cleaner spray also works and is available in grocery stores or big box stores. Leave it on for a few minutes then wipe it off (wear gloves). I usually wipe it again with wet rags to make sure I wash off the chemicals.
  • Marie
    Marie Center Barnstead, NH
    I use 1/2 cup of white rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of white vinagar and spray it and wa la..the baking soda mixture did very little on my glass but it cleaned the top of my stove.
  • Connie
    Connie Bakersfield, CA
    I never heard of krud kutter before. I was just checking it out on Amazon and see there is a gallon concentrate and also spray bottles that are pre mixed and are for other specific cleaning tasks. Which would anyone recommend for the oven and shower?
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