Kitchen Makeover

4 days ago
We moved into a double wide mobile home and I was determined to transform it to give it a farmhouse feel - not an easy task for a mobile home. But it was easy! I used the existing cabinets and painted them out with Behr Creamy in semigloss. The flooring is click and lock from Home Depot.
I love the new look now and I feel I achieved my farmhouse feel. I made the Roman shades myself so I saved a ton of money with that part of the makeover.
Cost: $800 Difficulty: Easy
The 'Before:' bland, unattractive typical 'mobile home' kitchen.
The 'After:' Do you think I gave it a farmhouse feel?
I love how the light streams through the window to light up my new kitchen. The hardwood flooring made a huge difference in the room!
Painting the cabinets white made the stove just blend in. Love it!
The Roman Shades were easy to make but time consuming, I'm very happy with how they turned out.
I opted to add a sink skirt rather than putting the cabinet doors back up. It added a lot to the farmhouse feel.
Here's a list of what I did.
Painted walls and cabinets
Beadboard wallpaper as backsplash painted in semigloss
Removed upper doors on some cabinets
Spray painted the existing knobs
Put down easy click and lock hardwood flooring
Easy sew sink skirt
Sewed roman shades
The rest is decor.
Have fun and go for it!

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  • Deltamom
    deltamom Arlington, TX
    Most definitely a farmhouse feel! Good job!
  • NancyMaria
    NancyMaria Elko, NV
    Our double wide is 17+ yrs old and time for make over. So far in process painting ceiling and walls, next will be this kind of flouring. Thanks for great posting.
  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson
    Holly Hasegawa Nielson Idaho Falls, ID
    Love love love it!! I too live in a 1955 sparton with an addition built on, and I think I can and will incorporate some of your great ideas that you used for your kitchen, like a skirt under the sink instead of cabinet doors, removing some of the upper
  • Tamara Sanders
    Tamara Sanders Lebanon, IN
    Its very warm and did a great job!!!
  • Naommie_vela
    Wonderful work! It does look cozy! I plan on doing our mobile home kitchen too!
Teresa F