Awesome Remodels 01.26.14

How to Remove Rust Stains From Tub

Although this is not our area of expertise, we thought we'd pass on this information that was tested by our employees. They are always talking about their own home repairs and we thought this was an interesting topic and solution.

Rust in the bathroom is usually the result of two related situations. Either iron-containing metals in your bathroom fixtures have begun to rust OR your mineral-rich water supply contains iron particles and has begun to stain areas where water runs. This happens even with a porcelain tub as two of our employees found out.

Bleach and Tilex made the rust stains worse and they sparked another chemical reaction, creating more rust stains on the non-skid surface on the tub floor. Other products that either made things worse or didn't work at all: Lysol, toilet bowl cleansers, Soft Scrub, Goof Off, Awesome, Comet, Simple Green, Mean Green, Magic Eraser and CLR,

However, we found 2 things that really worked: Clorox2 and Hydrogen Peroxide. The Clorox2 worked best and required less scrubbing. Just pour either product on the stain and let it sit. Then scour gently with a damp sponge and rinse. If the stains are really bad you may have to repeat the process twice.

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  • Faith Prescott Barton, VT
    I use equal parts dawn dishsoap (BLUE) and white vinegar. Works great in the microwave too. Alayys use this for my shower cleaner.
  • RoseMary Wells Atlanta, GA
    Oxiclean. Love it.
  • Susie Delp Mooresville, NC
    try Wink cleaner squirt it on and the dissappear
  • Nancy Aransas Pass, TX
    The best rust remover for hard surfaces or spots on fabric is called Whink. It comes in a brown bottle in the laundry section of the store. Amazing stuff!
  • Barbara Clark Ypsilanti, MI
    I use bar keepers friend works great.
  • Actually, WD40 works great!!! Let it soak on the rust stains for about 20 minutes, then take a SOFT scratchier pad & a little elbow grease :)
  • Brandi Everitt Lupton, MI
    I use the works toilet bowl cleaner. I spray it on and it disappears right there in front of your eyes, but be carful it smells really bad. it makes me cough really bad....
  • Just use the "WORKS" toliet cleaner (1.50 at the dollar store) on all your problems it removes everything! Rust, hard water, lime! It works great and you don't have to scrub anything!!! Just rinse!!!!
  • Nancy Aransas Pass, TX
    And it's only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree!
  • Betty Wright Yadkinville, NC
    I used lysol toilet bowl cleaner on my iron stains in both my showers, sinks and toilets with great success, no scrubbing required, just poured the jell over the stain and let it sit then ran the brush lightly over it and rinsed. No problem since.
  • Sherrie Nixa, MO
    The reason why The Works,and toilet bowl cleaners work is because of muriatic acid. It will also work on hard water build up. The problem with hard water build up is it has started etching and damaging the surface. So hard water builds up quickly.
  • Sherrie Nixa, MO
    Vinegar is also a very good hard water cleaner. But it takes time and I don't have that kind of time at others homes. I do take their shower heads off and or tie a plastic bag with vinegar over the shower heads to soak while I am working. It does
  • Rhonda Beaumont, TX
    I have not used it on glass plates however I use it on alot of things it is made of tiny glass beads in a powder form although alot like comet it is not abrasive like comet it does polish porcelain & will clean tubs, showers, cultured marble & glass
  • Paula Perry Rio Frio, TX
    Hydrogen Peroxide is the about only cleaner I use anymore, it works beautifully on most stains, grease, burnt food etc. I just used it on rust stains on my "black granite" sink, worked like a charm. I sometimes add Baking Soda to make a scrub paste.
  • Kim Liebsch Chester, MD
    Barkeepers Friend it comes in a container just like comet and works wonderfully, no mixing anything, no real scrubbing and I would not buy anything else . I live in a house that uses well water and is over a hundred years old!