Decorating with Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture 11.05.15
One vintage style that is seeing a resurrgence is tufted furniture. This is not the furniture your grandmother had; it's now designed for the modern home, in rich colors and fabrics ranging from velvet to silk. Tufted furniture seems to invite you to sit, relax and even take a nap on it.

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  • Simone Design Blog
    Simone Design Blog Potomac, MD
    Yes, I loved them too. They're gorgeous, my favorite is sinks pedestals. I think that's such an unexpected look for tufting.
  • Simone Design Blog
    Simone Design Blog Potomac, MD
    Hi Becky, yes they're beautiful. I saw so many gorgeous ones, that the decision was hard to make on which ones to show. Thanks for the comment.
  • Zelda?
    Zelda? Albert, OK
    I was taken by the sink pedestals too Simone. So unique. Though I'm guessing one would have to clean out the tufts on a daily basis to make sure they didn't get all powdery/dusty over time because of the moisture in a bathroom, they sure would be worth
  • Mahboobeh
    Mahboobeh Iran, Islamic Republic Of
    Those were so stylish, I love all those..
  • Tonya
    Tonya Martinsville, VA
    OMG, I love the tufted look.!!!
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