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LED Lit Lantern Wall

This lantern wall took under an hour to assemble, costs are kept low thanks to paper lanterns and led tealights and is far more charming than a simple painting on the wall. It is magical at night to look up at the "winking and twinkling" lights! get the full how -to in the link below!
Time: 60 Minutes Cost: $50 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://www.anestforallseasons.com/2013/02/how-to-make-paper-lanterns-work-for-you.html

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  • Marcy Southfield, MI
    So cool, I love it!
  • Love this - and wanted to let you know that the link you have to your blog in your main description doesn't work!
  • Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA
    This is perfect....I LOVE IT!
  • This is so pretty!!!
  • You guys are so kind!!! Thank you-thank you!!!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly - thanks for the tip! I am not finding the link I need to fix?? In my profile?
  • Yes A Nest for All Seasons - your profile link doesn't go to your blog
  • I just can't get over how FUN this is! Gorgeous! I'll bet it looks absolutely stunning at night!
  • Kyla Wootton Denton, TX
    This would be a fun and easy idea for something special on Valentine's Day....
  • Thanks Eclectically Vintage - Kelly - that was my old photography website - thanks for catching that for me!!!
  • Weird - it's the right link now! Must have been a glitch A Nest for All Seasons !
  • I changed it! - Thanks Kelly!
  • When you want to turn them off?????
  • The leds have little switches on them :) We leave them off most the time and just have the lanterns as is, but the twinkling is fun for "camping under the stars" and that type of thing (wink-wink) Barbara Hobbs
  • Thank you, they are soooo cute