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DIY Glass Shelves in Front of Kitchen Window

Kitchen ideas Yesterday
Adding glass shelves between two sets of cabinets in front of the kitchen window is an ideal location for some plants. A little quarter round moulding, finish nails and pre-cut tempered glass is all you'll need!

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  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL

    What a great idea this is and then I looked and saw just whose idea this was. Pretty Handy are a wonder. Thanks for this. Ladies & Gents you should follow Brittany, she has a zillion great ideas.

  • Alice Shockley
    Alice Shockley Jefferson City, MO

    I've been thinking of doing exactly this! I have a very dark house and the eaves overhang too much for any decent sunlight there, but I could put a grow light as the over-sink light to fix that problem. This even looks like just like mine!

    • Alice Shockley
      Alice Shockley Jefferson City, MO

      @Gabrielle Falk I'm in the Midwest of the USA. I can't imagine why a place with the climate of Australia would do away with eaves on the houses! We've considered those tube skylights in a couple of places, but we plan on selling next year, so I guess

  • Debra Steffen
    Debra Steffen Merced, CA

    Fabulous idea!! Keeps the cats from eating them, least less tempted for our furbabies to choose between cats to look out or having plants!! I hate blinds!! Clever girl!

  • CRank
    CRank Dixon, IL


  • Jeannie
    Jeannie Bringhurst, IN

    I really like the 'look' the window has now. My kitchen window looks out over 5 acres of woods. Now I will be able to see more of Indiana's wildlife. Thanks bunches fo posting.