• Kathryn Botard
    Kathryn Botard Sheridan, TX
    Is it hard to open and shut your window?
  • Teri Herzog
    Teri Herzog Jacksonville, FL
    I love it.
  • Helen J Williams
    Helen J Williams Merritt Island, FL
    I can think of two or three windows i would use this in, 'specially east window for African violets..Wuhuhuhnderful!!!!!
  • Nancy Lindsay
    Nancy Lindsay Bloomington, IN
    I've always wanted to do this, but my window is pretty wide and I think it would require a center piece. My window is East facing and gets a lot of sunlight...I use the sill and the top of the lower part of the window to showcase pretty colored glass and
  • Yvette Gerace
    Yvette Gerace Warren, MI
    That is SOOOOO pretty! Even looking at the picture made me happy! Wish I had a window in my kitchen. Probably could do that in my sun room; bet my cat would even love it too! lol
  • Wanda Morat
    Wanda Morat Gambrills, MD
    Wonderful idea . . . . thanks so much for sharing!
  • Gretchen L
    Gretchen L Fernley, NV
    Thank you Judith. Great ideas!
  • Mei Han Gallagher
    Great and more plants with you! Also I think you will more happy to do everything in Kitchen area.
  • Donna Lamothe
    I love this , you have solved my problem with my window. I do have a lovely view. But I want to put some flowers and herbs there in kitchen window.
  • Melissa Youngman
    Melissa Youngman Grand Rapids, MI
    What do you think would be the longest you could have the glass shelf? Or where could I find out? I have a double casement window over the sink.
    • Jmom123
      my shelf was not long enough to use this idea, so i bought two little link black chains with one on each end & hung it from the celing.
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    BEAUTIFUL! I did the same thing in one of the bathroom windows about 10 years ago, and also about 5 yrs ago made a glass curio in my kitchen window. I actually posted some of the window curio's pictures here on HT.
  • Sharon Connors
    Sharon Connors Woodbine, GA
    This is what I had planned to do to my kitchen. I have the same exact set up. Thing is my kitchen is like a cave. That little window is the only light so I am going to mirror the sides of the cabinets to reflect the light into the kitchen.
  • Dorothy
    dorothy Taylor, MI
    I am constantly knocking my potted herbs off the window sill this is a great solution. Can't wait to try it. Ty
  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL
    What a great idea this is and then I looked and saw just whose idea this was. Pretty Handy Girl.........you are a wonder. Thanks for this. ♥ Ladies & Gents you should follow Brittany, she has a zillion great ideas.
  • Alice Shockley
    Alice Shockley Jefferson City, MO
    I've been thinking of doing exactly this! I have a very dark house and the eaves overhang too much for any decent sunlight there, but I could put a grow light as the over-sink light to fix that problem. This even looks like just like mine!
Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl