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  • Gretchen L Fernley, NV
    Would love to do this only I have wooden blinds and an ugly view of my neighbors garage.
    • Judith Twitchell Independence, MO
      @Gretchen L Replace your ugly blinds (or leave them ~ it won't matter) with some lacy curtains or sheers. Either will allow the light through but distort the unappreciated view outside as well
  • Susan Hulett Lithia Springs, GA
    I love this.If you use it for plants and pretties you don't see the ugly view.
  • Shirley P Boyd, TX
    love it and no need for a curtain
  • Usha Sundar Mesa, AZ
    Lov it. Would like to know where you can buy or order glass shelves of any length?
  • Tracy patrick Osceola, IN
    makes me wish i had a window over my sink
  • Pam Donahue Bay Saint Louis, MS
    Great idea, shame I don't have a kitchen window but will keep this thought in mind when I do get one.
  • Kathryn Botard Sheridan, TX
    Is it hard to open and shut your window?
  • Teri Herzog Jacksonville, FL
    I love it.
  • Helen J Williams Merritt Island, FL
    I can think of two or three windows i would use this in, 'specially east window for African violets..Wuhuhuhnderful!!!!!
  • Nancy Lindsay Bloomington, IN
    I've always wanted to do this, but my window is pretty wide and I think it would require a center piece. My window is East facing and gets a lot of sunlight...I use the sill and the top of the lower part of the window to showcase pretty colored glass and
  • Yvette Gerace Warren, MI
    That is SOOOOO pretty! Even looking at the picture made me happy! Wish I had a window in my kitchen. Probably could do that in my sun room; bet my cat would even love it too! lol
  • Wanda Morat Gambrills, MD
    Wonderful idea . . . . thanks so much for sharing!
  • Gretchen L Fernley, NV
    Thank you Judith. Great ideas!
  • Mei Han Gallagher Clovis, NM
    Great and more plants with you! Also I think you will more happy to do everything in Kitchen area.