A Unique Shelf...a couple of drawers and a sign...

I've had these old drawers hanging on the wall as a shelf for a few years now...but I think they got a "new life" when I added this cool sign that I purchased from my friend. Don't you??

To see more: http://www.chippingwithcharm.blogspot.com/2013/01/working-togethera-couple-of-drawers-and.html

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  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Thank you @Lori Kelly!! That's the Bible verse, Exodus 14:14 :)
    • Carole
      Carole Rossville, GA
      You are correct on the verse. It is one of my favorites. I love your shelf and the sign added so much to it. Beautiful!
  • Lori Kelly
    Lori Kelly Elkview, WV
    Love, love, love this. What song is that? I have to know!
  • ByLightOfMoon
    ByLightOfMoon Warne, NC
    I Adore your cabinet and curiosities! Smiles, Cyndi
  • ByLightOfMoon
    ByLightOfMoon Warne, NC
    Just Beautiful!
  • Creative Designs & Accessories
    Very whimsical! Love the new sign!
  • Rabiah Seminole
    Rabiah Seminole Chase City, VA
    love this
  • Chris aka monkey
    Chris aka monkey Mount Pleasant, TN
    love this xx
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    i found some old shutters off a fallen house and im going to make a shelf for my craft room out of them and have glass shelving. I'll post the pics of it later.
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    i like the look of it cause it looks like its been that way for years. I'm into recycled looks and antiques.. i just love this.
  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Thanks so much everyone! Melody M, a friend of mine made the sign. It's the back from an old chair...I love it :)
  • Donna R
    Donna R Lumberton, TX
    I love this whole display. How well it all goes together. Meant to be.....absolutely! Beautiful and creative.
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    i really like the cuteness of this and so chic....:) where did you find the sign? Or did you make it? either way its really cute.
  • V Valencia
    V Valencia Downey, CA
    I love these drawers...I have some old drawers I have been saving to do something with..I had seen a picture of a drawer that was decorated to look like a shadow box with memorabilia..very similar look as yours. Thanks!
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    love it! You were lucky that they fit so well together!
  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Thanks ladies :)
Chipping with Charm, Laurel