Recycled Sweater Vase

This was one of my favorite sweaters. I had it for years but it started to unravel and couldn't be fixed. The yarn is too pretty to throw away so I used one of the sleeves to make this sweater vase just in time for Valentine's Day. #ValentinesDay

To see more: http://carolynshomework.blogspot.com/2013/01/celebrations-valentine-sweater-vase.html

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  • Ellen H Cullman, AL
    Very pretty. I love textured neutrals.
  • Mahboobeh Iran, Islamic Republic Of
    It sounded great and creative
  • So lovely! Loving the texture so much! Gorgeous idea. :)
  • MKay Westfield, NY
    Very pretty!
  • Sharry Knight Troy, OH
    So clever!
  • Carolyn ~ homework Los Angeles, CA
    Thank you so much everyone. You all made my day even better!!!
  • very beautiful... What a great idea!
  • looks gorgeous..well done!
  • Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    did you use starch to make the vase stand up ? I think this is really romantic way to spice up a bedroom... absolutely love it
  • Cleo C Hillsboro, OR
    So pretty and clever,,, am going to use this idea. Have also used old sleeves cut off to wrap items I did not want to get scratched for a craft sale. They were not pretty ones,, just sweat shirts or whatever,, so I really love this idea.
  • Carolyn ~ homework Los Angeles, CA
    Melody M I used tiny adhesive glue dots to hold up the sleeve. Thanks!
  • Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    ohh yeah.. didnt think of them... great ideal ... i would have just sprayed them with a heavy starch and let them dry ... you would always have a vase that way... They are still cute and romantic... You did a great job on them ...(did you sew the bottom
  • Dennie H Ludington, MI
    Sweet! <3!
  • Ginger Osterfeld Dayton, OH
  • So pretty!