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Calm and Inviting Whole House Paint Scheme

I am very excited to share today’s post with you as well! This is my 3rd “installment” of my whole-house-paint-scheme ideas. My previous 2 have proven to be very popular on Pinterest, so I say, “give the people what they want!”
The first scheme was the Soothing and Sophisticated palette, and the 2nd was Stormy Skies. Also, in my last post I shared my method for making a digital paint color floor plan, like the ones I use in these posts. This time I chose to keep the palette in shades of gray, because, hey, I just love gray!
Gray is neutral and calming, but has so many variations. It can be paired with any color scheme, design style, and many wood tones. Gray is always a good idea.
If you like the tones of the colors, but think they might feel a bit dark in your home, you can always have them mix your paint at 50% or 75% to acheive a lighter shade.
More details on my blog:

To see more: http://thedomesticheart.com/calm-and-inviting-whole-house-paint-scheme/

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