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  • Miriam I New York, NY
    Well done,. Evey!! Your cute little helper looks like you :)
  • I could use a little helper like that for my fridge!! It looks great, you guys did a wonderful job! I never thought of using baskets or a lazy susan in my fridge, I'm going to try that!
  • 'a casarella San Diego, CA
    Looks great! I bet it makes you happy every time you open it ;)
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    :) Thank you Miriam I she is starting to look more like me everyday! It's insane! :) Karen - The Graphics Fairy ;) I can
  • Great ideas!
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    :) Thank you all so much for the likes and comments!
  • Great ideas!
  • Vicki Menton Tulsa, OK
    Any project would be fun with that adorable little helper. Your fridge looks great. Mine is so full right now I really need to tackle it. Great ideas here and I have a lazy Susan I'm not even using. She is getting a chilly new home now. Thanks for
  • Move Masters Newport Beach, CA
    Well organizing a fridge sometimes gets hectic, if one lacks the idea of making changes in look from time to time. But the ideas suggest above is towards retaining freshness inside the refrigerator & also using maximum space, which i truly liked. But the