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If you have leftover paint after a project, don't throw it out. Save it in case you need it in the future for touch-ups. It is important to store it properly so it will be useable down the road when you need it. Here is how to store paint:

  • The number one consideration when storing paint is to make sure the can is completely sealed to keep air out so the paint does not dry up.
  • Do not use a screwdriver to open the can if you expect to have leftover paint. A screwdriver can also distort the lid, preventing a good closure.
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    I have found if I put some plastic wrap on it before putting on the lid, it helps immensely!
  • Great Home Painting
    Great Home Painting Morrisville, PA
    Thanks for the great tip Elaine! The plastic wrap creates an additional seal.
  • Tommy
    Tommy Norway
    Great tip, i also use. but also i've learnd from my father to always put the can upside down, then the paint will last for years.
  • Tommy
    Tommy Norway
    paint will seal the can, but be sure you have a tight lid :)
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    Some useful tips here. I would also suggest that, when marking the tin with the date etc, a line is also drawn indicating the amount of paint which is still left in the tin. Do you have any tips on how best to decant paint from a larger tin, preferably
    • Valerie
      Valerie South Africa
      Jan B. Hi Jan Thank you for your suggestion regarding the spouts. I will see if I can find something similar locally. I agree, Hometalk is fantastic for sharing ideas!
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