Bathroom Vanity Makeover

I'm in the middle of a bathroom makeover, and I just finished my vanity. I made new doors and drawer fronts using 1/2" plywood and decorative trim, and then made the countertop for under $35 using cedar fence pickets. Next up, I'll be working on the walls, and getting rid of (or covering up) the 30+ year old berry wallpaper.

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  • Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    I love this transformation.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Kristi, this is so impressive!
  • Rosemary N
    Rosemary N Klamath Falls, OR
    Wow! You did a wonderful job; it looks so much better in the "after" photo!
  • Laurie Lee Campbell
    Laurie Lee Campbell Pembroke, MA
    Congrats! The end result was well worth all the work you put into it, The colors are so pleasing...the wood top...great job!!
  • Jen Miller
    Jen Miller Branch, MI
    Very nice! Looks awesome.
  • Joyce T
    Joyce T Springfield, MN
    Kudos to the lovely DIY project. It turned out fantastic.
  • Karen Cooper @ Dogs Don't Eat Pizza
    Looks beautiful - great job!
  • Susan Lewis
    Looks great. Good luck on the wallpaper. We just took down some 30 year old paper--what a job! Please post your hints on wallpaper. We had to use a steamer.
  • Rose Adams
    Rose Adams Cranberry, PA
    To remove wallpaper. You can get a tool that you roll over the wallpaper and it makes little slits in the paper. Use diluted fabric softener with warm water in a spray bottle. Soak the wall and wait. (Protect your floor) It will just scrape off. (I
  • Connie K
    Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    I love the way your new counter top looks. Good job! Take Rose's advice and get the paper tool. One is actually called Paper Tiger. I haven't used the fabric softener but I wish I had known about it. In our former house the wallpaper was hung with no
  • Pam Oleson-Kremer
    Pam Oleson-Kremer Minneapolis, MN
    A great looking re-do, Kristi. Looking at what you did with the new doors has given me an AHA for my kitchen cabinet doors that are desperate for an upgrade. Thank you for sharing the great pix. Also, I had to remove years of wallpaper from a bedroom.
  • Polly Lynn
    Polly Lynn Sandusky, OH
    I loved your idea of using wood for a vanity top and decided to try it for myself. It turned out wonderful. thanks for the idea
  • Dawn Lam
    Dawn Lam Rockford, IL
    great job
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    Both are beautiful! What smart women, and I love Polly'st is so pretty!
  • Mary Hare
    Mary Hare Jamesville, NY
    Love this idea-
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