What is the best product for removing soap scum from shower tile without a lot of scrubbing?

cleaning 03.07.15
  • Shari
    Shari Tampa, FL
    Of course, there are all kinds of products and homemade "recipes" for scum-removing cleaners but personally, I think one of the best and easiest things I have found are the Mr. Clean Magic Sponges (or the Walmart house brand works just as well too).
  • Kelly Haarer
    Kelly Haarer Monroeville, PA
  • Yair Spolter
    Yair Spolter Brooklyn, NY
    Kelly, here's a great Hometalk thread that should be a big help: http://www.hometalk.com/643307/how-to-clean-...
  • Lin R
    Lin R Smyrna, TN
    I use the Magic Erasers also and they work great!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Count me in on using Magic Erasers. I also use a squeegee after every shower. I rarely need to do anything else.
  • Ann Stanley
    Ann Stanley Dayton, NJ
    I love Clorox Greenworks Bathroom Cleaner and alternate with white vinegar in a spray bottle. My shower has never looked cleaner.
  • Cindie Quintana
    Cindie Quintana Albuquerque, NM
    Easy Off Oven Cleaner No Fumes, with the blue cap. Spray it on, let it set anywhere from 5-30 minutes, either rinse off, or if it is a bit dirtier, than wipe it down before spraying it off. I swear it works. And to delay the deposits of hard water and
Kelly Haarer