What is the best product for removing soap scum from shower tile without a lot of scrubbing?

  • Dj1024
    dj1024 Lakeland, FL
    Kaboom is the best!
  • Cindie Quintana
    Cindie Quintana Albuquerque, NM
    Easy Off Oven Cleaner No Fumes, with the blue cap. Spray it on, let it set anywhere from 5-30 minutes, either rinse off, or if it is a bit dirtier, than wipe it down before spraying it off. I swear it works. And to delay the deposits of hard water and
  • Ann Stanley
    Ann Stanley Dayton, NJ
    I love Clorox Greenworks Bathroom Cleaner and alternate with white vinegar in a spray bottle. My shower has never looked cleaner.
Kelly Haarer
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