Out door living. 04.07.14

Natural Flagstone Patio & Fire Pit

The client requested a flagstone circular patio with a fire pit that would blend with the natural surroundings. We installed irregular blue flagstone slabs over a compacted stone base, using Gator Dust in the joints. The fire pit is surounded with ironstone boulders. The actual fire pit is recessed below the patio and lined with fire brick.
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  • Donna Dixson Buford, GA
    Very very nice Willow Gates Landscaping
  • Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    It looks amazing! Can you elaborate on the base? Crushed rock? Sand?
  • Ethan, here is the standard construction method for either a natural stone or interlocking concrete paver patio. First we excavate 9" below the finished elevation (this can vary slightly depending on the height of the paving materials). After the site is
  • Kathy Box Springs, GA
    I have made one similar with flagstone with no firepit. However, I do not know what "gator dust" is. I use sand and a little portland concrete in between the flagstone.
  • Gator Dust is manufactured by Allied. It is a mixture of sand and small bits of gravel, with polymers for a binder. It is swept across the patio, and compacted into the joints. It is compacted by using plate tamper or a dead blow on the flagstone; the
  • At The Picket Fence Florence, KY
    Oh I just love that! So beautiful!
  • this is exactly what I plan to do in my backyard this year. I'm going to clip this for inspiration!
  • Kathy Box Springs, GA
    My area is shady. What else would you suggest? It doesn't need to be perfect as we live in the country and like natural style.
  • Kathy, if you want to use Gator Dust in a shady area, I would use clean gravel for the setting bed (#8 or #9 stone, which will be 3/8" or less). This will provide good drainage, and the Gator Dust should be fine. Otherwise, I would use stone dust or pea
  • Cathe San Antonio, TX
  • Mary C Englewood, OH
    I really like the lighted path the lights look like little BELLS ! the patio is nice too!
    • Mary C the path lights are Focus PL-02, and I think the color is Antique Verde. The patio has gotten lots of positive reviews. :) It just fits perfectly into their back yard.
  • What is the diameter for the area? I have used this for an example for mine and have measured off what I think is enough room, but not sure.
  • It's 18'not diameter. I believe the fire pit is about 5' diameter.
  • I really like the stone used for the fire pit, I wish that we could have a fire pit but they are against the law here. Just wondering though late last summer I noticed that they came out with special fire logs which are environmentally friendly has