How come when my electric furnace comes on it smells like something electrical is burning?

  • Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.
    Rose, that's possibly because something is, there might be a short in a wire or something. I would have is looked at by a reputable HVAC persona as soon as possible.
  • Harold M
    Harold M Franklin, NC
    Could be the fan motor. I agree with Dan. Don't mess around. Get this looked at before using
  • Rose M
    I called my HVAC guy and he said it was probably because it hadn't been on in a while. Came on this morning - first time since he looked at it over 10 days ago- when we had a few days of cold weather. Odor went away after a while then.. Then came on
  • JL Spring & Associates
    Could be nesting animals in the chases or ductwork but first heats each year burn up simple things like spiderwebs and dust in general and can get that burnt wire smell. If the system is acting up like you describe, I'd have someone look at it pronto!
  • Rose M
    Will have to wait till it gets cold again....Thank-you, JL - I am in Reno, NV
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    In most cases the heating system is attached to the AC system as well. During the summer months dust collects on the coil and water sits in the pan as well. When heat first comes on at the beginning of the heating season the heat evaporates the water
  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC
    Change your filter....this should be done every 30 days but most people forget. Sounds like debris in the unit or ducts as the other have said. You should have a professional go over the unit at least once a year. It sounds like your guy went over
  • Rose M
    Now it makes this "clicking" noise and gets really hot (the unit; fan cover, etc.) and you can see the heating element turn red - but the fan doesn't come on. It has come on a few times, and worked a couple of times in the pass couple of days. Can still
  • Rose M
    It is about 20 years old -have changed filter. is located in mobile home.
  • Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.
    Rose, you mentioned before that you called your AC guy and he made a suggestion, but you have no said if he came out to look at things in person. If he has not done that yet, have him come and give things an inspection. At 20 years old, it may be at the
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    The blower fan control is faulty. The fan should always run when the heating element is powered on. You should NEVER see the element get red hot like that. Do not use this until a professional AC company takes a look at it and fixes it. The odor is the
  • Rose M
    Thank-you. Waiting for someone to get back to me. Having a real cold spell here in Reno right now. Last night was first night below freezing (in 20's) Everyone busy.
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Thanks for letting me know that you got my reply. I was worried.

    Check for contractors on Home-talk site. You may be able to find one faster. Do a search for them off top of

  • Emperor cooling and heating
    Agree with everything Woodbridge has told you!
Rose M