Our *Wanna Be* Sanctuary

beautiful rooms 01.05.15
  • The splashes of red will be replaced with coral once summer draws near.
  • New blue geometric fabric adds a bit of contemporary pop.
  • A few little touches of red for Valentine's Day.
  • ONE day, I hope to replace the two slipcovered wing chairs with 4 slim, matching accent chairs, circled around the ottoman.

To see more: http://www.adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com/2013/01/our-wanna-be-sanctuary.html

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    I noticed that, too, diy Design Fanatic when I visited your post about your beautiful sentimental hearts that you made! (And, LOL, that's right ... great minds!) I'm
  • Diy Design Fanatic
    diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC
    I just noticed that my vintage fabric valentines are displayed like yours and in a silver champagne bucket too! Hehe, great minds...
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    Thanks so much, Kelli!
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