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  • Adventures in Decorating

    Thanks, @Kyla Wootton! I hope that you do ... it's such a great configuration. That's what I did in my parents' sunroom when I redecorated it (it's on my page) ... they love it! I hope to find just the right chairs so that I can do it, too!

  • Kelli
    Kelli Springfield, MO

    Awwwww....beautiful! I especially love the dresser and the drapes. Such a great balance. :)

  • Adventures in Decorating

    Thanks so much, @Kelli!

  • Diy Design Fanatic
    Diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC

    I just noticed that my vintage fabric valentines are displayed like yours and in a silver champagne bucket too! Hehe, great minds...
    Love your room Becca!

  • Adventures in Decorating

    I noticed that, too, @diy Design Fanatic when I visited your post about your beautiful sentimental hearts that you made! (And, LOL, that's right ... great minds!) I'm surprised my poor branches haven't snapped because of the ornaments that I've hung

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