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We wanted a new bed,but it ended in a total make-over of our bedroom.

We painted the walls,1 wall got wall-paper,a new laminat floor,I redid the make-up dresser,mirror and chest,new lamps and curtains and ofc......the new bed:)))

  • before,we had this for 12 years.I was looking for a bit scandinavian/romantic look
  • after painting and new wallpaper
  • before
  • I scrubbed the make-up dresser and the put white wash on floor and new curtains.
  • The white may look very "white",but it is "gentle taupe",which has a bit of brown/grey touch in it,so it does not hurt you're eyes:)
  • I placed this to cover up the pipes a bit
  • a lot of wooden items are used
  • I added a few more things to the wall to finish
  • old skates,wheel and suitcase
  • closer look to what is hanging above the bed
  • Jude
    jude Staunton, VA
    Love what you did. The vanity is beautiful, Great looking room.
  • Tamara
    Tamara Eureka, CA
    What a BEAUTIFUL job!!! I Love it! Bet it brightened up the room, too! You've gathered some really interesting accents, as well. A very welcome room to come home to!
    • Luc Obdam
      Luc Obdam Netherlands
      Tamara Tyvm for the compliment:).It took me indeed some time to gather all the stuff,found a lot in 2e-hand stores.
  • Valerie E.
    Valerie E. Huntington, WV
    It is lovely. I think you did a great job.
  • Sherry Lee
    Sherry Lee Bradenton, FL
    Beautiful I love it!!
Luc Obdam

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