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How to make a sunburst mirror from wood shims

Wall Art 11.14.14
I repurposed a few long wood shims into wall art with some spray paint and a mirror, then later decided to make it a little more interesting with color and glaze.
See the post for the whole how-to!
Cost: $15 Difficulty: Moderate
I originally painted it white and left it that way for about 6 months or so before decided it needed a little jazzing up.
Rustoleum Aqua spaypaint right on top of the original white, then I glazed it
The finished project! (here: http://sandpaperandglue.com/2013/04/24/glaze...)

To see more: http://sandpaperandglue.com/2012/10/16/day-12-of-organizing-diy-starburst-mirror/

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Stephanie (Sandpaper & Glue)

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