Just great ideas 03.29.14

Tired of Streaky Windows? Try this Homemade Glass Cleaner Instead!

Learn how to make a natural homemade glass and window cleaner that works better than the traditional store bought products.

To see more: http://www.themakeyourownzone.com/2012/11/the-best-and-easiest-homemade-window-cleaner.html

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  • Linda Schwartz Otterbein, IN
    I use alchohol. water, and dishsoap to make a cleaner to use on anything including windows.
  • Interesting to hear of the homemade glass cleaning methods others are using. I've tried some other methods too but always come back to the simplicity of club soda.
    • Patty S Sturgeon Bay, WI
      Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone I will definitely try this. I live in Arizona in the Winter and my windows are always streaked because any solution you use here dries too quickly and the
  • Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    I do the same as Linda, but a bit different (It was posted on here in the past). I use vinegar & dish soap. When I am ready to use it, I put 2 cups (my spray bottle is more than 2 cups), in the microwave for 3 minutes. When you use it when it's warm/hot,
  • Dottie Jarrell Georgetown, KY
    some very helpful and useful ideas,I love these homemade remedies. Thanks.
  • Judy Grants Pass, OR
    Here's the best window cleaner I've ever used: Mix about 1/4 C cornstarch with about a quart of warm water in a big bowl. The cornstarch will settle to the bottom so you have to stir it up every time you dip your cleaning rag or sponge in. Wash windows
  • Elaine Wutke Bay City, MI
    really neat information
  • Cathy W Portland, OR
    You know? I was looking for something to do with vinegar and came upon this!!! Amazing! And now I know to put it on glass......... (What does that say about my hair color? LOL! )
  • Debbie Georgetown, DE
    vinegar (apple cider is the best) will take the sting right out of a mosquito bite or itch!!!!!!!!!!
  • Vetsy Spartanburg, SC
    Great tips! I think I'll give that club soda a try.... I've always used Vinegar when I wanted an alternative.. But could not stand the smell! So I stopped using it.
  • I didn't tried with club soda.. but any alcohol based cleaner will do good on glass.
  • NoniKaponi East Falmouth, MA
  • I knew club soda was great for a lot of things but didn't know it could clean a restaurant grill!
  • Cindy Springfield, OH
    I will have to try the club soda. After I clean my mirrors with glass cleaner for some reason they would still have streaks on the mirror. So I have been using used fabric softner sheets works perfectly removes all the smudges,
  • Alma Brown Ottumwa, IA
    I use vinegar. I have a spray bottle I fill half way then I put the rest water to clean windows. I spray the window and I use newspaper to wipe it. It never streaks.