Tired of Streaky Windows? Try this Homemade Glass Cleaner Instead!

Learn how to make a natural homemade glass and window cleaner that works better than the traditional store bought products.

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  • Cindy
    Cindy Springfield, OH
    I will have to try the club soda. After I clean my mirrors with glass cleaner for some reason they would still have streaks on the mirror. So I have been using used fabric softner sheets works perfectly removes all the smudges,
  • Alma Brown
    Alma Brown Ottumwa, IA
    I use vinegar. I have a spray bottle I fill half way then I put the rest water to clean windows. I spray the window and I use newspaper to wipe it. It never streaks.
  • Ellen
    ellen Canada
    If you're living in a hot dry climate, you could try a micro-fibre cloth and VERY hot water. Simply wring out the cloth and wipe your glass. Gets the glass clean and never leaves streaks. I've used this method for quite awhile now and am very satisfied.
  • Cynthia Meetze
    Cynthia Meetze Columbia, SC
    I use clear alcohol on my windows and mirrors. White paper towels or white cloth.
  • Jhenni Morrow
    Jhenni Morrow Gilbert, AZ
    Living in the desert southwest, a microfiber cloth, hot water, and a small amount of elbow grease has proven very successful in obtaining non-streaky window. This is all I use on mirrors and windows!
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