DIY Foil and More Organizer

I am on a mission to organize every corner of my house. To free up much needed drawer space in the kitchen, I created this door organizer for almost nothing. It holds my foil, parchment, and everything else! I love that I can pull the baggies out without taking the boxes out. You can see the full post with a detailed tutorial at

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  • Shanty2Chic
    Shanty2Chic Colleyville, TX
    If the boxes are wider(I'm guessing) I would follow the plans exactly, but for your bottom and sides use 1x6 rather than 1x4. Hope this helps!
  • Tom Carver
    Tom Carver Camillus, NY
    i tried something like that but with a pre-made over the door hanger. the results were good until the shelves became over stuffed causing the screws in the dried out old wood to begin to pull out. also it didnt have the different sized shelves like yours
  • Brian Campbell, Basswood Artisan Carpentry
    Good use of space. One tip: When I build these organizers, I like to use less bulky 1/2" stock rather than the 1x4 or 1x6 which are actually 3/4" thick. Most home improvement centers stock the thinner lumber for woodworking, so you don't need a planer to
  • Beth Borysewich
    Beth Borysewich Las Vegas, NV
    WOW Wish I had a pantry to do this to
  • U Create
    U Create Salt Lake City, UT
    I need to do this ASAP!
  • Homeroad
    Homeroad Huntington, NY
    Great idea! Those darn foil boxes drive me crazy in the drawer~!
  • Frances S
    Frances S Harrison, AR
    Great! I am on a mission today to get this done!!! Thank you,love this idea!!!
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    I need this! I need this! That is if my house doesn't float away w/ the coming storm - lol, I may be having an indoor swimming/canoeing party in the basement, and all my HT friends are invited if I do.
  • Maureen H
    Maureen H Blairsville, GA
    so clever and I checked out your pantry organization - my goodness! Puts mine to shame, but now I have the incentive to "re-organize"!
  • Sallie grant-divenuti
    Sallie grant-divenuti Portsmouth, VA
    Love it!
  • Natalie Castillo
    Natalie Castillo Bakersfield, CA
    You have inspired me. I started organizing my pantry in my new house because the one at my old house was very disorganized. I was pretty happy with myself, but you have inspired me to go further.
  • Berta1175
    Berta1175 Cook Islands
    Great! I really love what you had done but can anyone advise me on how to make one and add it to my pre-made mdf (biscuit-like) pantry door?
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    These are great. Must be nice to actually have a pantry :(
  • Louie
    Louie Toms River, NJ
    Great ideal, love it.
  • Geniva Barringer
    Geniva Barringer Lake Butler, FL
    I had a lot of file holders when I moved my office and noticed that the foil, plastic and wax wraps and all size baggies fit perfectly in them as well as in my cabinets on the shelves. Best idea I've had for my kitchen cabinets. Also works for most cook