An Easy Solution For the Blank Space Over the Window

Molding Ideas 12.21.15
When we bought the farmhouse the windows were simple and without a lot of detail. I wanted a little more drama....but I didn't have the money to afford expensive window moldings. So my husband and I came up with this solution to add flair and personality to the windows that is so easy on the pocketbook.

You just need plywood boards, picture molding and a simple 3' crown molding to complete the project! And your windows will totally thank you!

Time: 4 Hours Cost: $22.00 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • L.E. & Company
    L.E. & Company Creal Springs, IL
    .......Very nice Finished look!.....Will be trying this soon, I'm one for placing draperies to the ceiling!.....Thanks~