Recycling the Rain/Snow Melt

New permeable pavers and rainwater capturing systems allow us to create some beautiful yet incredibly functional designs. Here we took an old heaving sidewalk entry along side a 3 story Victorian and created a welcoming entrance. Rainwater off the roof is captured with a RainXchange System and used to supply the small pondless feature that is the garden focal. Microclimate perimeter plants round out the beauty and function of the area! Permeable pavements even reduce snow and ice build up in winter

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Very interesting!
  • Chips Landscaping
    Chips Landscaping Porter Corners, NY
    Thanks Miriam we really used this project as a demonstration over a 3 year period to "test" the new permeable pavers on Northeast snow We knew this "extra" rainwater management element to our RainXchange system would give more recycling water to our
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Less shoveling and better for the environment: win-win.
  • Chips Landscaping
    Chips Landscaping Porter Corners, NY
    you bet...and less freeze-thaw heaving..this area of town is bedrock!
Chips Landscaping