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Make a DIY animal coat rack!

If you're looking for better a place to hang your coats, towels, scarves, dog leashes or pretty much any other item, stop the search! This DIY project is sure to add a whimsical touch to any room, and you can get all the supplies you need in a toy store! Here's how to make your own wildly adorable animal coat rack:

You'll need: toy animals (these can be found online for about $10), small hack saw, gorilla glue, pencil, ruler, scrap wood (you can get some for free at most home improvement stores), paint and paint brushes (or spray paint) and a vice grip (optional, but handy).

Here's how: https://brightnest.com/posts/make-a-diy-anim...

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    These are really cute. Nice work.
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    super cute!
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    These would make every child smile.
  • Christine
    Christine Marietta, GA
    will tell my brother what to do with his half puppy chewed toys!
  • Anne Fraley
    Anne Fraley Lebanon, TN
    This is great! If you've got a Tractor Supply nearby they have lots of animals, different sizes, reasonably priced.
  • Marilyn Highley
    Marilyn Highley Oklahoma City, OK
    Love, love, love this!! Can't wait to make one to welcome the grandkids!
  • BrightNest
    BrightNest Denver, CO
    Thanks! Can't wait to see your version, Marilyn Highley!
  • TheDIYShow.com
    TheDIYShow.com Little Rock, AR
    Im in love with this
  • Paticia G
    Paticia G Clermont, FL
    cute cute cute I would like to do one with giraffes Where online can you find these animals Thanks
  • Sandy
    Sandy Sterling Heights, MI
    Make me chuckle, so very cute

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