From an outdated cabinet to Frenchie goodness...using iron on paper!

Come on over and check out how I took this outdated little cabinet and turned it into a vintage looking French cabinet using a free graphic from Karen - The Graphics Fairy .

To see more: http://arttisbeauty.blogspot.com/2013/02/vintage-french-cabinet-using-t-shirt.html

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  • Miriam I New York, NY
    What a cool idea! I didn't realize that could be done.
  • I love it Karin!! What sweet cabinet! I think you chose the perfect color too!
  • Art is beauty Jenison, MI
    Thanks, I was trying to match the background of the graphic so it would blend nicely


  • Stiltskin Studios Dunedin, FL
    gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing!
  • Art is beauty Jenison, MI
    thank you so much Stiltskin Studios
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Too cool. I need to do something like that to the laundry room cabinet (80's oak look) and the new utility cabinet (stark sterile white). Karen - The Graphics Fairy do you have any
  • Hi Kelly S Yes, I do! If you do a search for Laundry on my blog at thegraphicsfairy.com you can see them. The search bar is in my right sidebar. There's a washboard, wringer, clothes pin, iron etc. Hopefully you'll find something that you can use!
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Awsome you are wonderful! It will be later this month because I'm concentrating on the craft.exercise room now.
  • Art is beauty Jenison, MI
    Thank you so much Kelly S :)
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    I'll get the cabinet and the utility sink cabinet done while my hubby is out of state visiting his brother. At least the painting/antiquing part.
  • Art is beauty Jenison, MI
    have fun with that...:)