My Latest Insulator Coat Rack ...(the shabby version)

I thought I would make some new insulator coat racks to sell, and therefore decided to stick with the neutral insulators. I crackled painted and scraped the paint before drying to get a heavily distressed look on the baseboard before adding the clear insulators. I'm liking the finished product!

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  • PennyS78
    PennyS78 Okatie, SC
    What a great idea for the insulators that aren't real valuable - our son has collected a few since he was young so maybe I can check his stash!! :)
  • Amy Clark
    Amy Clark Woodward, IA
    Depends on what kind they are. The colored ones that Charlie has are gorgeous and pretty pricey, I imagine. We run across the green/blue and clear all the time, in fact, just got rid of about 4 5 gal buckets of them! Some parts of the country don't see
  • Pris Weathers
    Pris Weathers Mabelvale, AR
    I put tea lights in some of mine and randomly turn them on for display. Seeing your coat racks makes me want to make some door kickers to keep my doors from hitting the walls.
  • Yvette
    Yvette Spring Hill, TN
    How do you put the insulators on the wood ?
    • Creatively Living
      Creatively Living Richland, WA
      Yvette The first time, I screwed in dowls and used lots of liquid nails glue. The second time, I was smarter adn used the huge wooden dowl screws that were on the posts they were on
  • Trish
    Trish Carlsbad, CA
    I love love love this!
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