This is a Trout & It Lives in a ... Man Cave


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Some of the most engaging (and humorous) home improvement content I've read in recent years has been on the topic, the phrase, and the shear primal ... phenomenon of the Man Cave.

As a builder, I have been involved in a few (Well truth - at least a few ... man cave-like finished basements.) As a homeowner, and a dude, I have been left only dream.

In old houses, especially, the basements themselves sometimes are more cave than anything that could be, well, converted into (*monster truck voice*) ... "The Ultimate Dude HangOut...out...out..."

But a #mancave, I guess, can really go anywhere. Right? An attic in some cases. In other cases, maybe the man cave is just a room. A Man Room.

Interior Designer (and friend) Tammy J. Dalton ( states, "This is a Trout." And in decorating, there is really only one way to deal something like it. ... That's right – "Stick it in the Man Room."

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