Making a Fancy Boxed Wine Holder

For our Big Day 5 days ago
The only problem with boxed wine is that it comes in an ugly cardboard box. The wine is great, but Jocie usually pours the wine into a carafe when we have guest over. Instead, I made her a snazzy boxed wine holder from pallet wood.

I used my table saw a lot for this project, ripping the pallet boards square and to length. I also created thin strips for braces to glue the boards together. The most difficult step was using a dado stack to create a tongue-and-groove so the backside could slide on and off.

Jocie stenciled that beautiful fleur de lis, and she applied a wax finish to seal the wood. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and I know we'll be showing it off next chance we get.

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Time: 6 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Moderate
  • Jocie stained the pallet wood and added the beautiful fleur de lis on one side.
  • The backside slides on and off, and the small hole can be used for carrying the holder.
  • We enjoy Bota Box wines, and that's how I determined the measurements for this holder.
  • The most difficult step is cutting a tongue-and-groove so that the backside can slide on and off.

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  • Ethan@OPC
    Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    Haha Storywood Designs! Glad you like it.
  • Ethan@OPC
    Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. We've been putting ours to "good" use, and so far it's been a big hit.
  • Tammy Hoffman
    Tammy Hoffman Yellville, AR
    How do you clean the pallets. I know most all pallets are sprayed with many different chemicals depending what was stored or shipped. Also many pallets are in areas with bugs and critters that leave deposits.
  • Ethan@OPC
    Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    Tammy Hoffman First, we make sure to use heat-treated (HT) pallets rather than ones that have been treated with chemicals. Sanding removes anything on the surface, and waxing
  • Rhonda Kueck
    Rhonda Kueck Beaumont, TX
    I am a blogger and I am doing a Mardi Gras/Fluer de lis round up on my blog on Thursday. Let me know if you have a project you would like to be included. I will link all pics either to a blog or etsy shop. Rhonda