How To Make a Dirty Showerhead Look Like New Again

Showerheads can get dirty with mineral deposits over time, but you can get them clean and fresh again with a simple homemade remedy. By putting some vinegar in a baggie and fastening it over your showerhead (and then being patient for an hour or two!) you can get those crusty showerheads looking like new again. I used this method and was really happy with the results.
Difficulty: Easy

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  • Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone
    You're right Linda that vinegar can be too harsh for a softer stone like granite. However I have had no problems using it on any stainless steel faucets or other fixtures.
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Prineville, OR
    we did this and just be sure the shower head doesn't have rubber seals because the vinegar peeled the rubber away from the head...thus we had to buy a new showerhead!
  • Bonniejean512
    put vinegar in pot of boiling eggs and they will peel so easily!! when the eggs are almost done, just take off the heat and let them sit in that vinegar water a few minutes first... :)
  • Cheryl Middendorf
    Cheryl Middendorf Binghamton, NY
    Does this work on a faucet head that is like a shower head?
  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones Bristol, VA
    vinegar is great to clean windows also--- i mix half and half solution of vinegar and water in spray bottle, use like windex, and the windows literally sparkle, and very few streaks if any.
  • Carolyn Bennett Ford
    Carolyn Bennett Ford South Lake Tahoe, CA
    I don't want to take the head off, this is a great idea....will try it right away!!!! Thanks!
  • Barbara
    Barbara Canada
    Vinegar is also good for killing those unwanted weeds!!
  • Marty Snyder
    Marty Snyder Monroe, OH
    Apple cider vinegar has a TON of healthy uses. It can lower blood sugar, relieve eczema, help with blood pressure and so on...
  • Jgatson
    I just cleaned my deck with vinegar! Spray water on the deck to open the pores of the wood. Spray full strength vinegar. Let it set for about 5-10 minutes. Scrub and rinse. I was amazed by the results!!!
  • Grandmasallie49
    also cleans coffee pots. just fill with vin. instead of water and run it thru a few times. Rinse good after.
  • Shirley Williams
    Shirley Williams Catheys Valley, CA
    2-3 tbs of APPLE CIDER vinegar in 4 to 8 oz. of water before meals will keep heartburn away. Don't need Tums or the other bad stuff and is good for your PH in stomach. Check it out online.
    • Laurie K
      Laurie K Canada
      Shirley Williams Ooh I like that idea! Are you sure about this? I have bad heartburn and have been using tums or Zantac 75 but I don't really don't like using OTC chemical cures. Been looking for some natural way to relieve it. Does this really work?
    • Shirley Williams
      Shirley Williams Catheys Valley, CA
      Laurie K Yes I am sure, have had acid reflux for a long time and all the stuff I have been taking are not good for long term. Just make sure its the apple cider vinegar not just
  • Sandy
    Sandy Edwardsville, IL
    Lemon juice will clean away hard water deposits too, and make your stainless steel anything shine like new, just use it the same way you would vinegar.
  • Mary Embrey
    Mary Embrey Malvern, OH

    a little Dawn dish soap to the vinegar and it cleans right up

  • Bonnie Williams
    Bonnie Williams Redmond, OR
    I don't understand why you just don't unscrew the showerhead and put it in a bowl of vinegar, much easier than trying to secure a baggie over it!
  • Dawn Thompson
    Dawn Thompson Tampa, FL
    Thank you for posting- I used this today & it worked like a charm!
Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone