For the Garden 3 days ago

How to grow JUNK in your garden

I have a litte garden trick I play. When the plants are still fairly young, I'll place selected junk pieces among the young blooms to fill up the garden beds. Not only will your garden look more lush, you'll have some cool stuff to look at too!

Here's my own collection of garden junk, including a HomeTalk clipboard!
Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/project-galleries

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  • Karin Graham I love the blue bottles, what type of rack did you use? I would love to add one to my garden this summer.
  • Karin Graham Knoxville, IA
    i purchased one from a ventor at a Garden show, there are bigger ones but i bought a small one i could aford, have a friend that used multi colors in bottles looks great to ,mine are all blue
  • Meg Wylie Veradale, WA
    Ok now I am motivated to go junking at yard sales! Lots of great garden ideas I love the bird hotel!
  • Sherry LaSota Lakeview, OR
    I was 'thinking' ... the metal headboards with sweet peas must smell wonderful when you open the windows.... Fragrant flowers climbing in front of open window and window is hidden by the flowers...... hmmmmm thanks for the idea.
  • Sandy Bowlin Gilbertsville, KY
    @ Rosalie M. That's ok, I have a neighbor two houses down, who has not one but two old white toilets in their front yard with nothing in them! And yes, it's meant as decor!!!
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    I love your junk and how you tucked it in here in there. I learned during our participation in the local garden tour this spring that many other folks like repurposed junk also. I saw many of them snapping photos. Some people just need a little
  • Shelley Beaumont, TX
    Love it! My back yard is on the way to being junky funky too! I have all the makings and now I just need to assemble it! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Texasgranny Dublin, TX
    Beautiful and creative - I love all your stuff!
  • Eleanor G Littleton, CO
    I love how your shed looks! All of your garden looks fantastic!
  • Eleanor G Littleton, CO
    I've done the same thing, recycling and using stuff I have or find in my backyard. :)
  • Helen M Indianapolis, IN
    Very creative. Love it!
  • That is totally AWSOME!!!!!
  • Kelley Ardmore, OK
    I adore all garden and yard art!
  • Jean Adams Arlington, TX
    Your porch facade reminds me of one I had featured on the Lynette Jennings show. Still have it but the floor has had to be replaced. I LUV JUNK!
  • JoAnn Preen Dalton, MA
    Oh I so love it, I feel tag sale specials coming on for in the yard. Can't wait