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The painting of furniture and upholstery is a grand fun road to travel. SK Sartell's humor and influences show in her interior design and artwork. Each client becomes a friend. Her clients can attest to the fact; if SK isn't going to have fun, she probably won't take on the project. SK Sartell has thirty-five years of interior Design, re-design & complete rebuild of many beautiful homes and businesses. Sartell's artwork spans from being an interior designer, master carpet sculpture artist, mural painter, furniture paint,graphic designer, & specialty concrete artist. All this, plus being an all-around do it yourself artist and teacher, Sartell excels at teaching her unique DIY skills with her interior design. SK has been recognized in nationally known magazines, The Good catalog Company (A Readers Digest subsidiary) Harris Publications, Distinctive Kitchen Design, Small Room Decorating & Cottage Style. It shows SK absolutely loves what she is doing. Thanks to Hometalk for the fun interview with writer Tikva. Hometalk is very fortunate to have such a talented writer. This was the most fun interview I have ever experienced. Thanks Tikva. sk

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