Insulating Garage Doors

Diy 05.13.16
Insulatingthe garage, will keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in thesummer. Same for the garage's adjacent room.

***Bonusadded: it will also reduce street noise too***

Ourtwo car garage is right underneath our upstairs bedrooms, and rightnext to our bedroom, so we knew we had to do something about that.

Replacingthe garage doors would be nice, but not necessary, so the very nextbest thing was to insulate the garage doors.

Weread a lot of info, and what we settle on

doingwas using this a reflective foil insulation. It comes in rolls andit's easy to cut

(scissorsor knife).

Forthis to work properly, there is a need to create an "air pocket"between the actual door and the insulation.

For the step instructions click on link

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  • Daniela N
    Daniela N Nashville, TN
    @Nora Moore , it's very fast and easy. I would say it took us maybe 20 minutes for both garage doors
  • Mel
    Mel Louisville, KY
    This a metal garage door? What about a wood door? Could it be stapled to it?
    • Daniela N
      Daniela N Nashville, TN
      Mel it would be interesting to see, since we just replaced our doors with custom wood door. My guess would be that stapling the insulation would not work, because you need to have an
  • Two Mules Farm
    Two Mules Farm Iron City, TN
    I didn't know they had rolls for this! We used the foam panels lined with the foil & cut them to fit. Looked great initially but with the summer heat the foil started to come loose. Tried 3M adhesive to reattach but not worth the hassle. GO WITH THE ROLL!!!
  • Daniela Adams
    It looks pretty straightforward, I wonder if I can do it myself. My garage gets really cold in the winter, and I want to insulate it. I am replacing garage doors this week, and I will ask if they can insulate it too. How long did it take you to finish
    • Daniela N
      Daniela N Nashville, TN
      Daniela Adams it does not take long at all. the roll is already cut to height, all I had to do is cut the length and fold over the height if needed.
  • Andre Beluchi
    Andre Beluchi Klamath Falls, OR
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Daniela N