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Repurposed Windows Greenhouse

Did you know that old windows are just a greenhouse in disguise? It all started with three antique windows I picked up at a yard sale ...
Then, I started asking everyone for their old windows when they had them replaced. I saved the old door and window panels when we changed out our garage doors.
They piled up on a side deck under tarps. And then, one day, the building began! It was like doing a jig saw puzzle, making up the pieces as you go!
And, four days of building and lots of painting later, my dream of having a greenhouse came true!
Now we have an attached greenhouse that looks wonderful and is very functional for a fraction of what a commercial kit costs! Plus, we added cold frames on the front!
And, those three antique windows are highlighted, one on each side of the greenhouse! Now I have a cozy home for my plants, wonderful light for watercolor painting and a new favorite coffee spot!
This process was more than a notion! To see all the steps in taking those old windows from discards to a dream come true, please click through to my article! Thanks so much! Barb

To see more: http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/building-a-repurposed-windows-greenhouse/

  • Clearissa
    Clearissa Cary, NC

    This is absolutely wonderful!!!! I live in a townhome and we are not allowed to make structural changes. If only! I would certainly take a page from your book. I love this!

    • Barb Rosen
      Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE

      @Clearissa ~ so glad you enjoyed it! We sure are!!

  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX

    Hello Barb, havne't checked into your blog in a while or HT, FB, etc. When I did you have a greenhouse built and it's so adorable. Just a beauty and feel like bring in my ice tea and sit down for a chat. So inviting and so inspiring.

  • Clint
    Clint United Kingdom

    Wow Barb, this looks incredible. It puts my greenhouse to shame! love how you finished it with white paint, has that Victorian greenhouse look about it.

    • Barb Rosen
      Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE

      Thanks! Hooked to our house so I had to paint it, Clint! What a lot of painting all those windows took! My friend says we have to call it a "Conservatory" !! : )

  • Leslie Cron

    Just beautiful. I am going to try to make one fantastic job!

    • Barb Rosen
      Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE

      I hope you do,Leslie! It is worth the work involved, believe me! We are really enjoying our greenhouse! : )

  • Doris Poe

    I just love it, I've always liked a room like that. You really did a good job

    • Barb Rosen
      Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE

      Thanks, Doris! It was a dream of mine for many years, too! Now the plants and I enjoy it every day! : )

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