Inexpensive Option for a Stair Runner

6 days ago
Looking to replace or add a stair runner?

Here's an easy, inexpensive option for a stair runner that looks high-end. I purchased two indoor/outdoor stair runners and stapled them to the stairs. When one stair runner ended....we wrapped it around the stair tread and continued with the next runner and finished off the project with brushed nickel stair rods.

Time: 4 Hours Cost: $150 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Marilee H
    Marilee H Youngstown, OH
    I like this very much. Thanks!
  • Jenni C.
    Jenni C. Milwaukee, WI
    Beautiful work, but cats would have a field day on that.
  • Delores Arabian
    Delores Arabian San Mateo, CA
    Love this idea!
  • Denise In Bloom
    Denise In Bloom Poulsbo, WA
    Perfect timing! I am getting ready to add a runner to my stairs. Thanks for the tip
  • Sherri B
    Sherri B Fayetteville, GA
    Cool idea! I have a totally unrelated question -- is that a door to close off the stairs going up a few steps? If so, genius! I have wanted to have a 2 story house, with 2 masters on the main level (one for us, one for my Dad), with 2 bedrooms upstairs
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Love this look and I have a set of stairs in desperate need of something - this is pefect for them!
  • Joyce Weller
    Joyce Weller Clementon, NJ
    Where did you find the runner? I am in desperate need of something. Painting them made it worse then they already were!
  • Salvage Sister and Mister
    Soooo wanna do this to our stairs. Just trying to figure out how it's going to work since the stairs are plywood underneath the ugly carpet that is currently on them.
  • Debbie Silva
    Debbie Silva Yuba City, CA
    That looks fabulous! What a great idea.
  • Le'
    Le' Woodville, TX
    I'm with Salvage Sister......Ugly carpet ....yuk....oh what to do
  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    LOVE this idea! Looks great :)
  • Terry
    Terry Jupiter, FL
    Just saw this, already purchased the two runners and looking for stair rods. Love it. Can't wait to get busy.
  • Dee Guerra
    Wow, this looks like a great idea and looks high end. I'm glad I signed up.
  • Kyl
    Kyl Cincinnati, OH
    Love this! Where did you get the runners from?
  • Kim Swanson
    Kim Swanson Columbia, MD
    I am fairly certain it is this runner, I have had the same rug on my screened in porch for about 4 years. It is rather flat, more of a mat than a rug, but our dog can't do any damage, will likely wear very well on a stair.