How to Update a Split-Level Ranch

Home DIY ideas 03.27.15
During the 1970's, split levels soared in popularity and today there are still plenty of them on the market, but most of us say we don't like the style or want to live in one. The catch, like in the '70's, you are buying more house for the dollar. What do you do if you own a split-level, love your neighborhood, and don't really want to move? Renovate! Here are some tips on how to transform that 1970's style home:

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  • Moonchild627
    Moonchild627 Bennington, VT
    How to make a 70's split level look like a Craftsman Bungalow! Beautiful!
  • Jackie Prim
    Jackie Prim Stillwater, NJ
    The stairs in my ranch split are killing me. When we moved into this home we were almost ready to retire. Now I'm retired and always trying to make changes that don't coast a arm and a leg. Put a commode in the entrance closet; Bring the washer and dryer
  • Monica Koch
    Monica Koch South Wayne, WI
    Simply stunning! Such an improvement and so warm and inviting looking. Bet you enjoy many good books by the fireplace and can't wait for Christmas memories to begin in your home. Beautifully done!
  • Kathleen Glasscock
    This is absolutely beautiful...slowly but surly I've been trying to do virtually the same thing to my home....only on a much tighter budget...It's nice to see that someone appreciates the craftsman style like I do...
  • Sharon Bothwell
    Sharon Bothwell Ridgefield, CT
    Thank you, Kathleen! I did not build remodel this home. The home was remodeled by Titus Built in Redding, CT... I think it is beautiful too! :)
  • Moonchild627
    Moonchild627 Bennington, VT
    My sister lives in Redding. Redding/Ridgefield is a beautiful area!
  • Colleen
    Colleen Myrtle Beach, SC
    Beautiful rich woods. The whole home is wonderful and I especially like the beautiful work done in the Living Area around the fireplace. Enjoy your new make over.
  • Lamar Lambert
    Lamar Lambert Atlanta, GA
    I am a Craftsman junkie. The house is very similar to mine. I love it.
  • Shelley Nelson
    Shelley Nelson Red Oak, TX
    This is absolutely stunning. It's so nice to see the Craftsman style put into a renovation. The fireplace surround is so beautiful.
  • Denise M
    Denise M Pinopolis, SC
    I love everything about it.
  • Jennifer Pospichal
    I love it too, both the home itself, and its restrained decorating.

    I appreciate the uncluttered look, where every horizontal surface does *not* have to be covered with baskets of artificial

  • Shirley Vanderau
    Shirley Vanderau League City, TX
    wow this is how the wood flows through out..especially love the front porch and fire place..
  • Margaret Diggs
    Margaret Diggs Savannah, MO
    That living room is so Frank Lloyd Wright style, I love the details.
  • Selma Al-Salam
    Selma Al-Salam Fredericksburg, VA
    I have a tri-level split that has the roof's in this configuration, rather than opposite. We also want to add a porch. I can't tell if the windows added to the top are an additional floor, or just a vaulted ceiling to the original??? does anyone know?
  • Mi
    Mi East Wenatchee, WA
    Will you share how much this reno cost?
Sharon Bothwell