Planting your tree after the Holidays will keep the memories of that Christmas alive for years to come.

Container grown trees and trees balled in burlap make excellent Holiday focal points that can be planted after the celebrations are over.

Here are some handling tips to make it possible to successfully plant your Christmas tree.

Limit the time that your tree is indoors. Five to seven days is enough time to dry out a tree inside a home. The heated air inside our homes is very dry and will quickly steal the moisture from your tree. Longer periods will cause your tree to go into shock and may not recover.

Acclimatize the tree to the home environment. Gradually move the tree into the home by slowly moving it into warmer areas outside, then inside through a garage, for instance. A three day progression should be sufficient. When the tree goes back outside, repeat this procedure in reverse. Ease it back out into the cold.

Keep it hydrated. Place containers in a drip saucer to protect your floor. If the tree is "B in B" (Balled in Burlap), a galvanized tub will both support the tree and hold moisture to prevent the root ball from drying out. Check the water level daily to keep the tree moist.

  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    Great tips, Travis. We love this idea. Do you know of places around Atlanta where you can buy some balled trees?
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Great tips...but in my climate the ground is frozen solid until late march. This year I thinking about cutting off the top of one of the "big" trees that came crashing down in last weeks wind storm.
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    We used to do this growing up. We dug the hole before the ground froze and put a lot of horse manure in it then covered with plywood. When it was time to plant we simple removed the plywood then the manure installed the tree and back filled with soil
  • Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.
    Its so simple a concept, but I've really never thought of that before. Any ideas where you can get balled Xmas trees?
  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    I only have 3 Fat Albert Spruces left- wish I had brought more :)
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Hear hear. I bought a tiny live tree last year, and planned to plant it, but never got around to it before It dried up in the pot for lack of water.
  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    Make that 2 left :)
  • Erica Glasener
    Erica Glasener Atlanta, GA
    If your looking for live trees to use for Christmas (in the Atlanta area) and plant after the holidays, check out Scottsdale Farms in Alpharetta,
  • Atlanta, GA
    What if I put it in a pot and put it out for most of the year and just bring it back in for a few weeks in December? How large of a pot should I use?
  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    Bigger than the root ball, and dependent on the species as to how long you can keep it in the pot. You will have to pay attention to where you put your pot outside and make sure you don't bake the roots. And be diligent on your watering.
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Dan, there is a really nice place in Eustis where you can either cut your own tree or buy potted cypress, etc. It is a fun place.
Travis P