Planting your tree after the Holidays will keep the memories of that Christmas alive for years to come.

Container grown trees and trees balled in burlap make excellent Holiday focal points that can be planted after the celebrations are over.

Here are some handling tips to make it possible to successfully plant your Christmas tree.

Limit the time that your tree is indoors. Five to seven days is enough time to dry out a tree inside a home. The heated air inside our homes is very dry and will quickly steal the moisture from your tree. Longer periods will cause your tree to go into shock and may not recover.

Acclimatize the tree to the home environment. Gradually move the tree into the home by slowly moving it into warmer areas outside, then inside through a garage, for instance. A three day progression should be sufficient. When the tree goes back outside, repeat this procedure in reverse. Ease it back out into the cold.

Keep it hydrated. Place containers in a drip saucer to protect your floor. If the tree is "B in B" (Balled in Burlap), a galvanized tub will both support the tree and hold moisture to prevent the root ball from drying out. Check the water level daily to keep the tree moist.

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