My Vegetable Garden

Each year I enjoy working in my vegetable garden. It is just large enough to give me the variety that we like. I've tried to design it in a manner that enables me to not only rework it each year, but to maintain it throughout the growing season. The photos are from two different years. I prepare the ground by cultivating it with a tiller. I then add miracle grow dirt and mix it in, and I use Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer. I do this each year. The landscape logs are two high so I can keep adding dirt. I'm also working with Georgia clay. The mulch allows me easy access to the plants and helps keep the weeds under control. I have the water connected to my sprinkler system. I also use a portable sprinkler at times.
  • Fred Souza
    Espoma has wonderful fertilizers and amendments and are fully organic-they are also usually less expensive than Miracle Grow. Beer for slugs is a waste of good beer--try Bordeaux Mixture which is a copper product that usually only requires one
  • Trisha
    Trisha Freeport, TX
    Jim - great post, excellent photos - they're quite inspiring. Look forward to dimensions when you're able to provide them. Seems I ususally work an area too small for what I've planted or too big so I'm constantly redoing. Thanks for sharing!
  • Jim McGovern
    Jim McGovern Statham, GA
    Trisha and Joyce, you might find this size just about right for you. The pathway takes up a good bit of space so it is very easy to plant, weed and fetilize. The size is 21 feet deep and 12 feet wide. I mentioned earlier that I place the logs before
    • Joyce Hall
      Joyce Hall San Jose, CA
      Jim McGovern Thanks for the info, Jim. My husband built several nice raised beds this summer from lumber we had left over from a big project.
  • Kathleen Brady
    If you have a circus in town ask them for the elephant scat it makes for the best compost
  • Kate N
    Kate N La Porte City, IA
    Horse manure that is well rotted over winter is great fertilizer, and actually has little if any smell.
  • Trisha
    Trisha Freeport, TX
    Thank you, Jim - this is perfect and again - just really love what you did - and appreciate you sharing!
  • Libby Yuewhoo
    Love your garden, it's so neat & tidy. I garden a 50' x 50' garden with a mix of vegetables, berries and flowers. Being quite a bit north of your location, I find tomatoes love the sun and I plant them where they get sun & heat all day long and even go
  • Ernesto
    Ernesto El Paso, TX
    Libby Yuewhoo (Canada) here is a suggestion which might work for the voles. Works for the moles also which also likes to tunnel. Would not hurt to try, such might work as it does with the moles.
  • Libby Yuewhoo
    @Ernesto, thanks for the info on discouraging Moles. A neighbor has just given me 30 wine bottles that she had in her garage and I'm taking them to the garden to provide music to the ears of my voles and see if they skedaddle out of my garden. Will also
    • Ernesto
      Ernesto El Paso, TX
      Libby Yuewhoo

      Wine bottles! Watch them voles get drunk on wine, and drink the castor oil and soap mixer, and throw a party. Ha Ha Just

  • Gail
    Gail Palestine, TX
    Enjoyed all the photos and explanations. My husband built several raised beds this spring. 2 were converted from flower beds in the front side yard and 3 in back yard for tomatoes. Good bit of shade but have been loaded with tomatoes. One of the front
  • Buster Evans
    Buster Evans Hixson, TN
    Very Nice Garden! Very neat and organized! I have a small space for my garden and its a bit crowded to say the least... but I am learning from tips like this how to better utilize the space I do use.. I have been composting and amending my Tennessee
  • Dee Ann Gruenewald
    Dee Ann Gruenewald Salinas, CA
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard and garden with me. Would love to sample one of those tomatoes when they ripen. Happy Gardening Jim
  • Annie
    Annie Shaw, MS
    What kind of soil do you use for your small garden
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    Nice picture. Could you please share with us the names of the plants that you have planted in the flower bed? The flower bed looks good but it would look even better if it had a little bigger plants in it. Another question I have is about the material
  • Trisha
    Trisha Freeport, TX
    Good designs are immortal and since I'm still visiting this after two years - I think you have a winner. This is really one of the most beautiful and useful gardens I've ever seen.
Jim McGovern