My Vegetable Garden

Each year I enjoy working in my vegetable garden. It is just large enough to give me the variety that we like. I've tried to design it in a manner that enables me to not only rework it each year, but to maintain it throughout the growing season. The photos are from two different years. I prepare the ground by cultivating it with a tiller. I then add miracle grow dirt and mix it in, and I use Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer. I do this each year. The landscape logs are two high so I can keep adding dirt. I'm also working with Georgia clay. The mulch allows me easy access to the plants and helps keep the weeds under control. I have the water connected to my sprinkler system. I also use a portable sprinkler at times.
  • I used PVC fence around two sides. My chain link fence is around the balance.
  • I had some Strawberry plants up front that lived throught the Winter. I've generally got the garden planted with my starter plants.
  • The Pole Beans have started coming up in back, I used seeds. Strawberry plants and Banana Pepper plants up front.
  • The Pole Beans are on the right side and did very well. I believe the left side is Squash.
  • I believe the right side is Zucchini. Green Peppers along the back.
  • I planted Tomatoes on the left side last year. They did not do very well. I believe it was due to much sun and heat.
  • These are Tomatoes and Green Peppers.
  • I plant a variety of Tomatoes including Plum.
  • The Tomatoes when planted near the house seem to do a lot better a lot less heat and more shade.
  • This is my garden location.
  • Some examples of vegetables from my garden.
  • Vegetables cooked in the oven are a great way to use vegetables when we have a lot on hand.
  • Jim McGovern
    Jim McGovern Statham, GA
    Sharon, The Red Clay is a real problem, because it is so much easier to have soft dirt to work with. In laying out my garden I used a Maddox Pick to remove the clay at least a foot deep. That was very difficult, but I was about 5 years younger. I used
  • Leena Milligan-Lanteigne
    Your feggie garden looks great! I really want to grow my own as they are so much tastier when fresh and cost effective. Nothing in my yard is level, however, and I don't have the funds to make a bunch of raised beds. There are beds along the fence that
  • Gail Salminen
    Jim McGovern - very nice. It is uncanny how similar our gardens are. I too have the raised bed, built with 2x4s and mulch in between the beds and a simple wooden fence with a
  • Sharon
    Sharon Knoxville, TN
    I garden in much the same way. I deal with Tn red clay. It's a mess. My husband built me raised beds, I truck the dirt in from Home Depot and wala!! In the winter I cover the beds with mulched leaves and then hand turn them in in the late winter
  • Karen V
    Karen V Kennesaw, GA
    Oh I like the Path for access, we have a creek just below our yard and snakes come into our yard, this prevents me from going into the back yard, and it stays wet down there, but I really want a garden. I am wondering what would grow well in the back
  • Nest Home Improvement
    Jim, looks great. Enjoy!
  • Kate F
    Kate F New Britain, CT
    Jim - I love your garden but please, please don't use Miracle Grow. You don't want to be eating that! Please try an organic - Eco-Friendly form of fertilizer. We want you around for a long time and healthy!
  • Bonnie M
    Bonnie M Covington, GA
    A wonderful layout for a garden. Thank you for sharing.
  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas Atlanta, GA
    May I suggest people not use "dirt" in their raised bed gardens? Google "Square Foot Gardening" for something far better:

  • Kate N
    Kate N La Porte City, IA
  • Dusti B
    Dusti B Carmichael, CA
    I have a pretty big yard and different "rooms" and areas that I try to change up a bit every year. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!!
  • Peggy
    Peggy Cynthiana, KY
    Jim, how much space do you have fenced off? I would love to do something similiar! Thank you!
  • Jim McGovern
    Jim McGovern Statham, GA
    Cheryl C. it's called Miracle Grow. About every two weeks.
  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark Bryans Road, MD
    It is beautiful. I wish I had your green thumb.
  • Tracy K
    Tracy K Burton, MI
    It is a very nice garden! I cannot wait until I can start mine in the spring...the first to go in will be my spinach and lettuce!
Jim McGovern