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Each year I enjoy working in my vegetable garden. It is just large enough to give me the variety that we like. I've tried to design it in a manner that enables me to not only rework it each year, but to maintain it throughout the growing season. The photos are from two different years. I prepare the ground by cultivating it with a tiller. I then add miracle grow dirt and mix it in, and I use Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer. I do this each year. The landscape logs are two high so I can keep adding dirt. I'm also working with Georgia clay. The mulch allows me easy access to the plants and helps keep the weeds under control. I have the water connected to my sprinkler system. I also use a portable sprinkler at times.
  • I used PVC fence around two sides. My chain link fence is around the balance.
  • I had some Strawberry plants up front that lived throught the Winter. I've generally got the garden planted with my starter plants.
  • The Pole Beans have started coming up in back, I used seeds. Strawberry plants and Banana Pepper plants up front.
  • The Pole Beans are on the right side and did very well. I believe the left side is Squash.
  • I believe the right side is Zucchini. Green Peppers along the back.
  • I planted Tomatoes on the left side last year. They did not do very well. I believe it was due to much sun and heat.
  • These are Tomatoes and Green Peppers.
  • I plant a variety of Tomatoes including Plum.
  • The Tomatoes when planted near the house seem to do a lot better a lot less heat and more shade.
  • This is my garden location.
  • Some examples of vegetables from my garden.
  • Vegetables cooked in the oven are a great way to use vegetables when we have a lot on hand.
  • Buster Evans
    Buster Evans Hixson, TN
    Very Nice Garden! Very neat and organized! I have a small space for my garden and its a bit crowded to say the least... but I am learning from tips like this how to better utilize the space I do use.. I have been composting and amending my Tennessee
  • Dee Ann Gruenewald
    Dee Ann Gruenewald Salinas, CA
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard and garden with me. Would love to sample one of those tomatoes when they ripen. Happy Gardening Jim
  • Annie
    Annie Shaw, MS
    What kind of soil do you use for your small garden
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    Nice picture. Could you please share with us the names of the plants that you have planted in the flower bed? The flower bed looks good but it would look even better if it had a little bigger plants in it. Another question I have is about the material
  • Pearl
    Pearl Galveston, TX
    Good designs are immortal and since I'm still visiting this after two years - I think you have a winner. This is really one of the most beautiful and useful gardens I've ever seen.
Jim McGovern

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