• Phil F
    Phil F Raleigh, NC
    I left a pair of fire boots laying around. My father and my wife decided that I was done with them and turned them into planters; they're designed to be outdoor planters. I am assuming that they will find a place next to the fire hydrant in the front
  • Linda
    Linda Rochester, WA
    A breath of fresh air! I have a pair of my husbands regular old black muck boots. Think I will have to get some plastic spray and see if it will work on them. I need the bright, cheery color in all our gray rain. Lovely job, Ann
  • Angela @ Twelve Oaks Manor
    I love this, Ann! I have some old rain boots out in the garage that are ugly black. I think I'm gonna try painting them!! Love this!!
  • VP J
    VP J Norcross, GA
    Very clever, I like it too.
  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia Danville, CA
    Absolutely love this idea Ann...so clever and cute! It is perfectly timed with my blog post on April Showers and Polka Dots that I just published yesterday!
  • Barbara Posluszny-Pace
    I have also used cowboy boots to fill with various wild flowers or early spring flowers. I add a ribbon and hang them on my gate. After the live flowers die, I replace them with silk one, which look just as pretty. I also used a pair of my husbands old
  • Pinky S
    Pinky S Avondale, PA
    I have a girlfriend who, after her "boot" from a broken ankle was removed, she planted it with faux flowers for her powder room. What a conversation pice:):) LOVE these SUNNY boots!
  • Janice jenkins
    Janice jenkins Bonne Terre, MO
    Totally love this idea too bad that my forsythia isn't blooming <3 <3 <3
  • Joyce
    Joyce Victorville, CA
    So pretty! I really like all these ideas using what you might have laying around house or yard. I like the old things best!
  • No. 29 Design
    No. 29 Design Belmont, MA
    I love that idea! I need to find some boots!
  • Jo Prentice
    Jo Prentice Australia
    Do you think that gloss enamel spray would be ok to use on the boots? I love the look of them 8 so quirky :D
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    I love it!
  • Judy
    Judy Kyle, TX
    Really cute idea. I am going to attempt to plant ivy in mine. Or just put ivy in the tall vase and grow it in water?
  • Janice Sassen
    Janice Sassen Haverhill, IA
    Oh how I love the yellow and your display!!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Debbie Kleinschmidt
    Debbie Kleinschmidt Farmington, MO
    Absolutely adorable, I just love this idea!
Ann @ On Sutton Place