I am looking for the right color to paint my mothers massage room but we keep bouncing around from one color to the next

We are looking for relaxing colors and nothing to dark. Been to home depot, Lowes and they were not much help. so dose any one have any advice to mood altering colors?
  • Mike N
    Mike N Chevy Chase, MD
    Wait a minute! Lowe's and Home Depot weren't very helpful? Say it isn't so........

    Apologies in advance for the sarcasm :-)

  • Shari L
    Behr's grass cloth green is a very calm and relaxing color. Used it with a blend of wood tones: bamboo flooring, walnut, and oak trim and furniture. Brought in splashes of color w/ pillows and wall decor. It made for a wonderfully recupritive and
  • Lisa F
    Lisa F Salt Lake City, UT
    this is a great example
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Robert...when I was very young (7 or 8)I remember visiting some naval base type place...perhaps in Va. I remember two basic things from our tour ...The 1 was that an aircraft carrier was really big (like a small city with more than 2000 living
  • Dianne H
    Personally I like relaxing massages. I would use a soft shade of blue with soft light. You could use stronger colors for accents like vases or candles (nice smelling ones). I always feel more relaxed with blue walls and I would steer aways from reds,
    ANITA G Oak Lawn, IL
  • Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC
    Hewitt Remodeling Service... Virginia Beach, VA
    @Kevin (KMS). Kevin, like me, you were 7 or 8 a long time ago. The population of one of those modern floating cities is up to 5,000 plus...:)
  • Najwa S
    Najwa S Greenbrae, CA
    Benjamin Moore will match any color even if it is in a magazine. Since the room will be dimmed a pale blue or a buttercup yellow might just do the trick.. Browns are so last years fad!
  • Linda V
    Sage green
  • Jodi L
    Probably stick with neutral colors like tans, creams, taupe, seafoam green, sage green, pale blue. I would however stay away from yellows though that might be too energizing.
  • Alberta W
    Alberta W Warrenton, NC
    Sea Green of course............
  • Candy W
    I would go with a pale green, it exudes the calmness and peace of nature.
  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M Ocean Gate, NJ
    Please tell us -what material is on the floor, and is there any furniture in the room that must stay? I would love to help but we really need more information to be helpful. The color on the walls should be part of a completely planned design, not a
  • Steve H
    Steve H Bethlehem, GA
    The first thing I would consider is what is your mothers favorite color....She is the one that will be in the room the most.

    Second does the room have windows or is it an interior room that only gets light from the lamps in the room.

  • Alberta W
    Alberta W Warrenton, NC
    I suggested Sea Green...what's wrong with that? Lol
Robert W