• Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    I'm jealous of your shoe space ;) I'm with you on keeping them out in the open. Boxes take up a lot of room, too.
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    This is done really efficiently. Nice!
  • Rosemary Hesse
    Rosemary Hesse Nottingham, MD
    I really do not like to mix my shoes with my clothes because they can transfer the foot odor. I,too de-cluttered my closet a few years ago and boy am I a happy pup now. They say when you buy a new item then one should also come out of your closet. I
  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI
    Not everyone has a walk-in closet. I've never seen a SMALL closet organization tips that works. Mines' not small, it's large, but was never 'gifted' with a walk-in, I'm sure it's easy to keep more organized!
  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI
    And who has 22 pair of shoes!! Or 50 tops, no wonder you needed to organize!
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