• Evelyn McMullen
    Evelyn McMullen Montgomery, AL
    I love the old medicine cabinet from your dad. I hope you don't "doctor" it up.
  • Linda Anthony
    Linda Anthony Meadville, PA
    everyone should have a clock and a TV in the bathroom. You can relax in a bath while finishing watching your fav program - NO TV in bedroom - give off bad 'electronic' vibes and keeps you from relaxing to get to sleep. If you have TV in bedroom, cover
  • Kmfralich
    Kmfralich Lebanon, PA
  • Kmfralich
    Kmfralich Lebanon, PA
    I have the exact same door knob "hooks" and I love them. They do not put marks on clothing , but I haven't hung up wet towels on them.
  • Anita
    Anita Sandy, UT
    This is really darling!
Stacy @Not JUST A Housewife