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How to remove water spots

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Did you know that cleaning mineral deposits and water spots in the bathtub is as easy as rubbing a fresh cut lemon on it? Click on the link to see lots of other great uses for lemons! http://askannamoseley.com/2013/04/green-cleaning-cleaning-with-lemons/
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  • Melissa Aldana
    Melissa Aldana Pompano Beach, FL

    thanks for the tip. I love diy cleaners

  • Sandi Tillotson-Clum

    Would it work on car windows

    • Anna M
      Anna M Cottonwood, CA

      @Sandi Tillotson-Clum - I have never tried it but I think it would be worth a try!

  • Marge Fuller
    Marge Fuller Dover, NJ

    Another trick to clean a shower head is to pour vinegar in a plastic bag , place over the shower head and secure with a rubber band (tightly). Wait about 10 -15 minutes, remove plastic bag and rinse shower head. allow water to flow through head to

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