Installing a (Manufactured) Rain Harvesting Barrel

Rain Barrel 03.23.15
I installed half round gutters and corrugated downspouts on my house recently ... (I have an old house and I wanted to maintain this look). As I was doing this, and since I knew I had some nearby yard work planned, I incorporated a rain barrel.

After some research (through which I learned there is no shortage of techniques for making rain barrels nor in the shear number of rain barrels now on the market), I chose a 60 gallon rain barrel made by a company called EarthMinded. I picked it because 1) it looked good 2) it was comparatively large 3) it looked easy to install and 4) it could be bought through a local conservancy that subsidized the barrels bringing their cost down.

With rain barrels (like real estate) location location location is everything. Screened (at least partially) from the road, I set the barrel just downhill of last year's Vinca planting and just uphill from a bit of grass I intended to overseed (I completed this this past weekend and plan to post on it). I purchased 2 bags of pea gravel, used scrap (ground-contact-rated) 4x4s (further treated) and a spare piece of blue stone. Together, this/these provided a solid, level and elevated base (all very important).

Time: 2-3 Hours Cost: $130 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Joules (from Pocketful of Joules)
    Very cool! We've been thinking about adding one to our house soon and this is very helpful!
  • Jocie@OPC The Better Half
    wow, that is awesome JB! what a cool idea!!
  • Building Moxie
    Building Moxie Baltimore, MD
    cheers thank you Jocie@OPC The Better Half
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    This is such an informative post. Thank you!
  • Building Moxie
    Building Moxie Baltimore, MD
    you are welcome... thanks for having a place where I can post quickly but provide more info that I could provide in places like facebook. cheers.
  • Luci Fur
    Luci Fur Mount Washington, KY
    Why does it have to be elevated?
  • Building Moxie
    Building Moxie Baltimore, MD
    with this barrel I elevated it for easy access to/of the drain plug at the bottom. If nothing else, where I live I will need to winterize. A cap is provided and you essentially disconnect the barrel at the downspout, capping it there. drain and store.
  • Ligia Bello
    Ligia Bello Palm Harbor, FL
    Thanks for the post
  • Virginia
    Virginia Gainesville, GA
    I will use this post to make mine! Great showing.
  • Building Moxie
    Building Moxie Baltimore, MD
    that's a super compliment Virginia ... good luck.
  • Virginia
    Virginia Gainesville, GA
    :-) yeah, I had the idea... but I was like... hum... wonder how to make that stupid drain thing turn the corner.. how to stabilize it.... how do you put what where (after 3 or 4 brain stops I got worn out!). Before I started. You made it look really simple.
  • Building Moxie
    Building Moxie Baltimore, MD
    the instructions with barrel were really good. Like Ikea instructions but with words. ha!
  • Sandy K
    Sandy K Oconto, WI
    I bought a real oak barrel just so I could set it up to catch water, but need to figure out how to do this. We just replaced all our eaves and down-spouts and I don't want to ruin anything. Should I set it up like "building Moxie?" comment's, please
  • S137
    S137 Clarksburg, MD
    I couldn't afford to buy one of the Earthminded rain barrels, so I searched around and found that Earthminded also makes kit (about $30) that let me transform a 55-gallon barrel into a rain barrel. It was this video that convinced me that I could do it
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