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Almost Forgotten Outdated Vanity Makeover

I can't believe I almost forgot to show you this Vanity I made over all the way back in July of 2015. What I thought was stain ended up being a brown painted piece that was painted to look like stain, so I gave it a makeover. Come see how easy it was to transform this outdated piece with a little paint and some pretty new hardware.
  • almost forgotten outdated vanity makeover, painted furniture
  • almost forgotten outdated vanity makeover, painted furniture
Welcome back my Beauties.
Now as you know I do a LOT Of makeovers.
I do so many makeovers that sometimes they get FORGOTTEN.
Kind of like this little number that I did and loved.
It sold in the first two days in the booth and I think because it sold so fast
I forgot to show the makeover.
Plus I did this makeover back in JULY...of 2015!!!
(you will notice the nice lush colors and green of everything; in stark contrast to our March 1st snow storm that we are experiencing right now in Michigan)
  • almost forgotten outdated vanity makeover, painted furniture
I thought it was just a nice light stained vanity upon buying it at the thrift shop.
I thought; maybe I will put some hardware on it and clean it up and it will be just fine. But when I got it home in good lighting I discovered that this wasn't in fact stain, but brown paint finished to look like stain. You could see the paint flecking off the top here.
I love what a difference some paint and pretty new hardware made. I hope you will pop on over to the blog to see all the details and the full makeover.
Until next time have a beautiful day!.

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