Kitchen Cabinets

I am about to paint my cabinet doors and base in my kitchen and wanted to ask if it is ok to use a paint sprayer??

  • Diana S
    Diana S Fishers, IN
    I painted my bathroom cabinets white & they turned out great! (the cabinets are the same as the kitchen... Oak... Now to convince my hubby to let me paint the rest. I agree that sanding them is extremely important. Remove the hinges (very easy... if I
  • Reesa G
    Reesa G Albany, NY
    Ours doors were done by an auto body paint shop...highly recommend it. The type of paint that lasts the best and gives the best finish can be somewhat toxic and you want to make sure there is good ventilation
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Diana...great idea "practicing" on a small set of bath cabinets...this is a great way to refine your skills before jumping in to a bigger kitchen project.
  • Cher D
    Cher D Elyria, OH
    you did not say what surface they were....but make sure that you prep the surface well....And remember when you spray paint there is overspray... so where ever you do not want the paint to go.. tape it off. I have sprayed painted many things in my
  • Sandra S
    Sandra S West Palm Beach, FL
    Beware of the Fumes
  • Pensacola Accents
    Pensacola Accents Crum Lynne, PA
    Remove the doors, take them outside (or into the garage), prep like crazy, and have at it. You MUST rough up the CLEAN surface with a sandpaper block. The cabinet surrounds that are left hanging on the wall must be prepared the same way. I roll the
  • Nancy C
    Nancy C Cordova, TN
    After painting my kitchen cabinets with a brush, I often wondered if I would have been as satisfied with spraying. I first cleaned them good, used primer and then 2 coats of oil based paint and sanded with very fine sanding paper in between the final 2
  • Vicki S
    Vicki S Memphis, TN
    Water based poly OR oil based? What do you recommend?
  • Liz R
    Liz R Lincolnshire, IL
    Try a product called's a paint/primer/finish coat all in one and is great for cabinets. I've seen it on a few things now, and will do my own cabinets in can spray or roll this product on, it self-levels!
  • Kim J
    Kim J Lake Saint Louis, MO
    I recently hired a company who did an excellent job. It was a very timely process. Mine were oak. All the doors and drawers from were removed and done on their work site. They washed with tsp, sanded, then applied a primer, then I believe 3-4 coats of
  • Charlene S
    Charlene S Lawton, PA
    Vanessa, give your cabinets a light sanding before you apply a base coat. Then you can use whatever kind of paint you want. Spraying is the best way to get a professional looking finish. Don't worry about a good cover the first coat of your finish, and
  • Tom S
    Tom S Davenport, FL
    After 50years of remodeling and saving my customers alot of money by keeping their old cabinets and refacing or painting I can tell you it gives a beautiful finished look and is durable IF, I SAID IF,IF,IF, you do your prep. almost every surface finish
  • Marcia Neiss
    Marcia Neiss Hubbard, OH
    I built a new back to my island cabinets and primed & painted them with a brush using an alkaloid enamel paint - easy to brush on and it is very durable I'd never use anything else on wood - you won't get runs when the paint dries it is smooth as glass -
  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L Marietta, GA
    Thanks for the great tips and responses! I have cleaned the cabinets with TSP and cleaned my hinges in simple green. Im going to spray the hinges with rust-olim and changing the front hardware. I used pledge to see the real finish in the wood. Its not
  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L Marietta, GA
    Cabinets finish
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO might want to look at the traffic master Allure vinyl plank flooring...I have done a few projects with it..its very DIY freindly.
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    If you keep them stained, they will look better longer. This is because polyurethane is harder than paint so it will clean up better and be less likely to chip. Also, the stained look shows dirt less. Plus, you get to see the wood, if you like that.
  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L Marietta, GA
    I have had my eye on the Allure! I would love to have it.. just looking for it to go on sale.. i have priced it out and its around 1.99 SF which is not bad, considering I would not need to buy the mat for it to lay on. I do believe Allure wins! Some
  • Vanessa L
    Vanessa L Marietta, GA
    I got the Allure Oak today! I am so excited to put it in, but have to wait a couple days for it to adjust to the climate in my home.. I will post before and after by next week :)
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Vanessa...make sure you vacuum well and keep the areas clear of "crumbs" and bits of debris. the allure works by have two "adhesive" surfaces stick to each other. debris can be a problem on the underside of the piece your installing as it is invisible.
Vanessa L