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Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder in 6 Easy Steps

Don't underestimate the butterfly – it's more than just a pretty garden addition! There are 561 known butterfly species in the United States and Canada, all of which pollinate your flowers. Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It's easy! #FavoriteProject #JuneMaintenance

Full tutorial: https://brightnest.com/posts/attract-butterf...

Note: Some evidence suggests dyes may have negative health effects on humming birds. If you have humming birds in your region, we suggest making this sugar solon without dyes and making your jar extra colorful, instead!

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  • Debra Rhodes Spencer, WV
    Its not for hummingbirds Susan S, its for butterflies
  • Diana Sark Speedwell, TN
    Susan, If I am not mistaken, the directions for the project are for a butterfly feeder, not a hummingbird feeder.
  • Debra Peters Mesa, AZ
    Do hummingbirds have perches when feeding from flowers?
  • BrightNest Denver, CO
    Susan S thank you for your tips, but this is for butterflies. When we make a hummingbird feeder we will definitely keep your tips in mind!
  • Mike Connor Sullivan, ME
    Looks fun! Is it tested as ant-proof?
  • Holly Decker Hillsdale, MI
    looks like a fun kids project to place in a garden
  • Barbara Roseburg, OR
    If the red dye is not good for hummers, why would you want to put it in butterfly food? Just keep it natural for the lil wingers!
  • Debbi C Prattville, AL
    Unfortunately, this sponge will quickly attract molds which will be detrimental to the butterflies. There are better ways that will not harm the little flying flowers.
  • i'm just wondering about ants, bees, wasps, yellow jackets ?? How do you keep them away from the butterfly feeder?
  • Rebecca Aledo, IL
    We discovered last year that using fruits such as grapes, bananas, apples and berries that are getting over ripe are the favorite treats of butterflies. Just slice and place a small amount on a flat surface in the shade and watch them flock to snack on
  • going to try this, have lots of butterflies in my garden, glad i decided to keep at least 1 butterfly bush. having a lovely summer in uk for a change
  • D P Grand Rapids, MI
    This is a wonderful recycle for some hanging glass jar lanterns I made a few years ago and didn't use much. i will just have to turn them up side down and poke the hole! Thanks!
  • Sonja Ecton Barnhart, MO
    Cute idea, except for the food coloring. Not needed and bad for butterflies, birds etc.
  • Debra Peters Mesa, AZ
    Maury McCoy I've never had a problem with any unwanted visitors. My humming birds even feed from it. :-)
  • Rebecca Duff Powell, TN
    This is neat...might just put one together soon as I can get a few rolls of the decorative duct tape to decorate it with....no dyes here!