1. DIY Mason jar lights

One of the most attractive uses for mason jars is in turning them into cool, rustic lights. This project by Ralph starts off with the cutting and sanding of a couple of 6” x 11” boards. After staining the wood and adding hangers, the jars are attached with twine. Add copper LED fairy tale lights, and you have beautiful mason jar lights to enjoy. Get tutorial here

2. DIY tinted Mason jars

Colored mason jars add a dash of fun to any room. It also turns out to be a reasonably simple DIY job accessible to everyone. Julien shows how it is done with this fun project. Put Mod Podge into a jar, mix in food coloring, and let it dry. Then put the jars upside down in an oven set to 250 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Get tutorial here

3. Pineapple Mason jar lights

You can get very creative when creating DIY Mason jar lights. With this cool project, Amanda has turned these versatile jars into cute pineapple luminaries with a tropical feel. Acrylic paint, hot glue, Mod Podge, and yellow tissue paper are among the main materials needed. Wondering where the light comes from? It's just battery-powered LED tealights. Get tutorial here

4. DIY fruit fly trap

This project offers a simple and effective solution to get rid of fruit flies using a DIY trap. The trap involves using apple cider vinegar as bait in a jar with a cut ziplock bag acting as a funnel. Fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar, fly into the trap, and find it difficult to escape.

The trap can be made with readily available materials like a Mason jar, ziplock bag, rubber band, and scissors. It has proven to be successful in catching fruit flies, providing a natural and convenient method to deal with these pests in the kitchen. Get tutorial here

5. Mason jar mosquito repellent

Fruit flies aren't the only pest that should be wary of a Mason jar. In this project, Tanglewood Homes provide a simple and natural way to create homemade mosquito repellents using Mason jars.

The materials required are Mason jars, wire, hangers, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon slices, fresh rosemary, tea light candles, and basic tools like pliers and cutters. By attaching wire loops to the jars and hanging them with hangers, the jars can be transformed into functional and decorative mosquito-repellent holders.

Adding lemon slices, essential oils, rosemary, and water to the jars creates a natural repellent solution. The tea light candles are frozen and then placed in the jars to be lit up, providing both aesthetic appeal and mosquito-fighting properties. Get tutorial here

6. Buffalo plaid Mason jar

This project by Donna demonstrates how to paint a buffalo plaid pattern on a mason jar, adding a rustic farmhouse touch. After applying a base coat of white chalk mineral paint, the stripes are hand-painted using a gray mixture. The imperfections in the hand-painted lines give it a rustic look.

Darker squares are added where the lines overlap to enhance the design. After drying overnight, rough areas are smoothed with sandpaper, and the letters are highlighted for added emphasis. The final result is a charming buffalo plaid mason jar with a homey feel. Get tutorial here

7. DIY etched Mason jars

Next up, Melanie demonstrates how to create etched glass jars or glasses for kitchen organization or as personalized gifts. The supplies needed include glasses or mason jars, glass etching paste, stickers or stencils, and tape.

The etching paste is applied to the glass using a sponge or paintbrush, ensuring not to touch unwanted areas. After waiting for the recommended time, the glass is rinsed and the tape or stickers are removed, revealing the etched design.

This is such an affordable and creative way to add a touch of elegance to household glass items. Get tutorial here

8. DIY nautical Mason jar lamp

Transform your porch with a coastal vibe using this DIY mason jar lamp made from affordable Dollar Store items. In just a few steps, you can create unique outdoor light fixtures that emit a warm and inviting glow.

Gather materials like mason jars, wood pallets, rope, and coastal embellishments. Glue the pallets together, add rope for a decorative touch, attach the mason jar to the pallet, and knot the rope to create a hanging bow.

Fill the jar with white sand, seashells, faux seaweed, and flowers, and finish by adding fairy lights. Hang the lamps on your porch or near your front door for a chilled coastal ambiance. Get tutorial here

9. Painted & distressed Mason jars

Learn how to create rustic farmhouse mason jars without breaking the bank. Instead of spending $40 or more on pre-made ones, follow these simple steps.

Choose your desired jar size, remove the center lid, clean the jars thoroughly, paint them with glass-friendly chalk paint (applying multiple coats if desired), let the paint dry, lightly sand the raised lettering for a distressed effect, and optionally add twine for decoration.

These versatile jars can be used for various purposes like organizing office supplies, creating luminaries, making soap dispensers, or storing bathroom accessories. Get tutorial here

10. DIY Mason jar terrarium

Brighten up your workspace with these simple Mason jar terrariums. Perfect for adding some much-needed greenery during gray winters, this DIY project requires a large Mason jar, faux fern and succulent plants, sand, and river rocks.

Layer the sand and rocks in the jar, then cut and arrange the faux plants inside. Enjoy a maintenance-free plant that adds color and life to your office space. Get tutorial here

11. DIY butterfly feeder

Attract butterflies to your garden and promote pollination with a DIY butterfly feeder.

Follow these six easy steps: 1) Mix water and sugar to create butterfly food. 2) Create a small hole in the lid and insert a sponge. 3) Attach a decorative element to the jar. 4) Tie a string around the jar for hanging. 5) Hang the feeder about six inches above your tallest flowers. Enjoy the beauty and benefits of butterflies in your yard! Get tutorial here