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How do I fix up a small bedroom

How do I arrange a 9x8 bedroom with a twin bed a chair and entertainment. Plus I need a chest of drawers for storage. I'm disabled and spend most of my time in my... See more

How would I hang or display close to 100 spools of thread?

I have a very full craft room and the walls are all brick and windows. I am looking for a way to hang my sewing thread so I can see and organize all my colors. I have... See more

How to repair fabric rolling duffel bag?

Small tear with missing piece of quilted fabric on bottom outside of my rolling duffel..any ideas on how to best repair the fabric? Glue, patch, applique? Matrial... See more

Any help for stainless sink that get marks from lime away ?

I was trying to clean a bowl and was shocked that the lime a way toilet bowl cleaner left stains in stainless sink. Any help?

The form for staircase risers makes a perfect holder for flower boxes

Are the stair risers available at Lumber yards (home depot etc.)?

Painting Suggestions for Ornate Piece of Wood?

I have a vintage piece of wood, probably a part of a dresser, and am looking for ideas about how to paint it. Please share and thanks!
q painting suggestions for ornate piece of wood

How do paint ceramic tiles floor but not the grout?

I want to paint my ceramic floor in the kitchen. It is a horrible green colour but the grout is a lovely grey of which I would like to keep as I am changing the tile... See more
q paint ceramic tiles floor but not the grout

How do I decorate with a European design?

Need ideas for redoing and upscale ideas for European design and decor

How can I lengthen a 80" door to 84"?

Trying to replace a bathroom door with a farm style door but the existing door is only 80" long and I need 84". I do not want to buy a new door, Any suggestions. ... See more

Striped kitchen floor?

What size should stripes on a painted kitchen floor be

Pieces of soap.

I have a lot of small & medium small pieces of soap in a ziplock. It’s a lot is their anything to do with them??? Or just throw them away🤷🏾‍♀️

How to create this decorative frame?

How do i stick the articles on the photo frame. These flowers has embedded wires for support. I dont think double sided tape can hold them in place nor using glue.... See more
q how to create this decorative frame

How do I remove musty odor from furniture?

An oak antique dresser was stored in damp basement. I would like to restore but how do I get rid of the musty order first?

C cover ugly step entrance over?

What is the best material to use to cover a very ugly brick steps? The bricks have been cleaned and repointed. Should I consider fiberglass impregnated stucco that... See more

Paint vinyl flooring ?

Can you paint vinyl floorings

I have waxed my vinyl floor. Can I remove it an polyurethane it?

I have wood look floor that I have waxed with floor wax and it looks very streaky. How do I remove all of the wax? Also... to make it more waterproof for my dogs, can... See more

Make gifts for my kids and grandkids on my limited budget?

I am on a very limited budget. It's important to me to give gifts to my family but it's a problem finding affordable projects. My granddaughters are 7, 5 and 3.

How to paint kitchen cabinets ?

How is the best way to paint my kitchen cabinets? What paint is best? I’m going from a caramel brown to white or off white.


How does anyone get rid of a pest problem? A friend of mine is having a bedbug problem and he has tried all sorts of remedies,but still can't alleviate them. Would... See more

How do I "improve door knob wall hanger"?

I have used old boards and set in the door knobs. They need some ideas to improve them.

How can I use a Mattress Box

I bought a mattress online that came in a strong rectangular heavy duty cardboard box. Would like suggestions on how to re-use it. It is about 5 ft long.

How to get that white calcium deposits off depression glass??

I have tried scouring, vinegar, zap and toilet bowl cleaner.I still get the white off green depression glass bowl.Any help?