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How can I clean the grease around my painted kitchen cabinets?

What to do to clean up the grease the kitchen cabinets wit out harming the paint please let me know

How do I make my own wood icing?

I have been experimenting with stencils and have found that Texture Paste by "artEXTRAVAGANCE" really works well and looks spectacular, but is a bit expensive to use it as much as I'd like. Can I make my own? I assume I would have to have very fine sand, but where do I find the right kind, and how much do I use. Or is there a lot more to it than just adding sand to paint? Thanks to everyone for the really wonderful ideas I have gotten from so many of you.

How to get watermarks off wood table?

Bought a solid wood dining table with a couple of water marks on one end. Don't want to strip whole table how can I remove water rings?

Hang curtains?

How do I hang 82 inch rods in plaster or drywall? They sag in the middle and it’s very difficult to find studs where I need them.

Clean bathroom grout

Smells like urine , what is best way to clean tile grout?


Do you need to use a thermostat with heated gutters

How do you save mums?

How do you save mums after they flower?

How do I get half of a screw out of my wall?

I've got a screwhole in my wall. It's a little too wide, so I'd like to fill it with wood and wood putty (or glue) and then screw into it. But also there's a broken off piece of a screw in there. It's deep in the wall, but not so deep that it won't be in the way when I try to screw in the new screw. I don't want to use a slightly different location: I want to get that piece of screw out. I can't get a grip on it with any tweezers I've found: either they're too flimsy or they're too thick to fit around the screw. I tried soaking the end of a thin, long wooden dowel in crazy glue and pressing it to the near tip of the piece of screw, waiting a short while and then pulling the dowel out — but the screw didn't come with it. Anyone have any other ideas for getting the piece of screw out, please?

How can you make fake fiberglass rock look more realistic?

We recently bought an electric fireplace that has fiberglass rocks, is there a wash or something that will make them more realistic looking?

How do I effectively and quickly get rid of fleas on cats?

I have 4 cats and each has fleas, one has just a "few" and the others have several that I've seen. I wash their bed clothes frequently and vacuum carpets frequently - What else can I do to rid them of their fleas without resorting to toxic measures?

A valance but not a valance

I want something over my white kitchen windows that is not the typical window topper. I am very farm house and yes, I do live on a farm,

How can I use 1950's hair salon chairs?

I have two hair salon chairs with built in hair dryers on them. I am looking for any ideas on what to do with them. Thank you!

Tips for Painting vinyl floor?

I’m considering painting my kitchen floor. It’s currently a “luxury vinyl tile” floor (but seriously ugly). Please tell me all about the best products and techniques out there!!! Pictures are good too!

How can I remove burn marks from the oven door?

I have brown marks on my white door, right on top, from when I cleaned the inside of the oven. No cleaner I have tried will remove it. Is there a way to get rid of it?

How to paint trim?

I need some tips from experienced people about how to paint trim. I am about to paint my dining room and hallway (part hardwood floor, part carpeting) for the first time in 15 years (way overdue) and I want to make sure I do it right. I searched online for information and I am literally overwhelmed with TMI, so I decided to ask on Hometalk and find out what I actually need to know, before painting the trim. I am referring to the trim/molding/baseboard both by the floor and the ceiling, as well as around windows and doorways. What kind of paint, what to look out for, paint trim before or after walls and ceilings?, any special instructions, prep, etc...? Please share your knowledge and experience! Thank you!
q how to paint trim


Where is best selection of medallions for ceiling fans ?