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Almost 2 weeks later, does this look like a normal concrete pour?

So it's a sealer, I get that. But it looks so splattery! The contractor says this is part of the curing process and it should take a few weeks to get better. It's... See more
q almost 2 weeks later does this look like a normal concrete pour

Furniture still smells after stripping/sanding

Ive posted earlier about my refinishing an old china cabinet, and still having issues. I don't know if it was a stain or old varnish (it was a dark color on lighter... See more

How to Fix Broken Spring/Easter Decor

How I fixed my bunny's ear...
q how to fix broken spring easter decor, easter decorations, home decor, how to, seasonal holiday decor

What is this shrub?

It was in a nursery but no one was around to help me. I'm looking for something for our new subdivision sign that won't be very wide and ideally, no taller than 8... See more
q what is this shrub

I got Thompson's Clear Water Seal on the cement fiber siding.

I got this seal on the cement fiber siding of my house. I tried to wash it off immediately with dish detergent and hot water, but it didn't completely come off. Can I... See more

Best way to remove finish from old wood table?

I want to refinish an old (1920,s vintage) wooden dining room set. Where do I begin?

How to clean hardwood floors without streaks?

Streaky floors are the bane of my existence. How do I prevent this from happening to my hardwood floor?

How can i make my long narrow hall with high ceilings look wider

My hallway is in two parts. The first part where the street door, frontroom and kitchen doors all fun off. There isn't any natural light and is so long and narrow... See more
q how can i make my long narrow hallwwith high ceilings look wider

Painting rusty porch lights

I installed some new porch lights a few years ago - and sprayed a clear finish that I was hoping would prevent rust. It's for a rental near the beach, so looking for... See more
q painting rusty porch lights

How to clean gold with toothpaste?

Please help! How do I clean my gold using toothpaste??

How to clean gold with baking soda?

Baking soda is my new best friend! But how do I use it to clean my gold items?

How to clean outdoor windows that have screens permanently attached??

I’ve used Windex outdoor spray that attaches to the hose and even made a spray with water, Dawn dish detergent and Finish rinse aid. Both of these methods left the... See more

How to paint my black glass stove door white?

I need to change the color of my stainless stove from the black glass oven door to white and also the bottom drawer to white. How do I do this?

Change the color of a chair ?

I have a fabric side chair. I want to change the cream color to white. Is there a dye I can use ?

Clean this dryer from acetone spill?

My daughter's friend spilled acetone nail polish remover down our dryer. Any suggestions how to fix the labels and the white streak down the door?
q clean this dryer from acetone spill

Extra hangers suggestion.?

A suggestion for those extra hangers, how about a wooden wall art mosaic piece? I was going to do one of colored plastic hangers, but wooden ones would be lovely and... See more

What oil to use for bromeliads for mosquitoes ?

What to use for mosquitoes for bromeliads what oil

Can it be trimmed to keep it under 8 ft?

This is an Arborvitae Golden Spire that I saw at a nursery. It grows fast and more than 10ft. Can it be trimmed to keep it under 8 ft?
q can it be trimmed to keep it under 8 ft