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How can i find out how old?

I found this Lane Cedar Chest and the bottom strip that has serial # etc is gone. What is another way I could find out how old it is? It came with $100 moth... See more
q how can i find out how old

Replacing plastic tiles

I bought this house in Iowa in Dec 2017 and all around the walls are these Plastic tiles that are popping off due to the mastic not holding them anymore, I want to... See more
q reusing plastic tiles

Bedroom closet?

my son has a small bedroom with no closet any ideas

How do make closed green pine cones open ?

The pine cones that were given to me where pulled off the tree and are green and closed. Can they be opened? If so how? I put them in the oven but they aren’t... See more

How should I get rid of old kitchen carpet glued to the floor?

I also want to know what would be the best kitchen flooring and least expensive option after getting rid of the carpeting. The carpeting goes up the wall about 6... See more

What can I do? My new place has no Linen Closet?

I am moving into a place that does not have a linen closet, I need to make shelves above my washer and dryer or do you have any other ideas. thank you

How do I hang this medal sign to the side of this carport?

How do I hang this medal sign to the side of this carport?
q how do i hang this medal sign to the side of this carport

Help me find a pallet santa?

I want to find a Santa made from pallets. Had lights around the perimeter. So cute🎄

Build a rock pathway ?

I am building a stone walk way across a lawn. Do I need to have a mortar to hold it together. I am worried the rocks will migrate as some of it is on a slope

How to paint brick fireplace with glass tile mortar

How to paint bricks fireplace with glas tile mortar

How can we get rid of brown spots on grass? How to kill weeds.

Also there was a participant who made a solution to make your grass green and healthy. Not store bought.

Suggestions on best humidifier brands for basement?

I'm looking to purchase a humidifier that effectively removes moisture from a basement area 20 x 18 feet? Any suggestions?

How do I attach a gate between the house and sections of fencing?

We are trying to figure out the best way to install a privacy fence on the side of our house that would extend down the side of the driveway. We would need a gate to... See more

How can you get the old smell out of drawers?

I have some drawers that have clothes like t-shirts and shorts and some have sheets that after washing and cleaning everything out, in just a short time the smell is... See more

How do you use decorative shelves in a living room?

Have 3 small shelves on wall but now don't know what to put on them

How can I Extend my laminate countertop?

I am wanting to Extend the Width of my peninsula countertop, so that I can do a faux finish WITHOUT putting ALL new countertops on. I would like to do something like... See more

No cement : What woul be best to make the garden wheelchair accessible

We don't want a cement path but need it accessible for my friend to get to the garden to tend it: we are adding raised beds in the spring along the fence & deck. The... See more
q no cement what woul be best to make the garden wheelchair accessible