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How to make a fairy garden?

I have a lovely rectangle shape woven basket that i would like to make into a fairy garden. Any suggestions on how I can do this? Thanks.Sue P.Redlands, CA

I ruined my white cabinets I put easy off oven cleaner not I have dar?

I ruined my white kitchen cabinets by putting easy off oven cleaner and now I have talked brown spots because I left it too long any suggestion that I could use their... See more

Is a roll of pond liner better or worse than a drop in liner?

Gina has always wanted a water feature in her garden. This is the year, so I got most of the material from Craigslist and bought a roll of liner. I was explaining my... See more

How can I paint a Coir door mat?

I would like to add a design. Is it possible for me to paint on it? What kind of paint what I use? Could I use a stencil?
q how can i paint a coir door mat

How to clean miniblinds?

whats the best way to clean mini blinds...….I usually put in tub and swish around...….now that im 70 its a little to much ,,,any easier way?

How to get my house tested for mold?

I'm in the process of replacing all the carpet in the house with tile and hard wood flooring due to allergies. When the tile guy was putting the tile down in the... See more

How can I use a bunch of wine cask stays?

I have about 20 half wine cask stays. Suggestions would be helpful on something to make for the garden. Simples project suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks

How do I paint a concrete patio?

Patio needs painting...or something. Pressure washed and thin coat of old paint blew off in places. Full sun in Florida so something that would be cooler on feet.... See more

How can I paint my fiberglass sink?

my Sink is stained from paint. Is it cheaper to buy a new one or resurface it?

How can I restore this old Iron & Wood bench?

I needs some ideas to restore it! Thank you!
q old iron wood bench, outdoor furniture

How to change color of wood furniture without stripping?

Is there any way to change the color of wood furniture that is already finished, without having to sand? I have a burl oak cabinet that I would love to darken... See more

What is the best way to brighten up old dark (almost black) shiplap?

The whole living room is dark shiplap, making it look like a cave. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


What's the most natural solution to spot clean carpet that won't be too harsh?

How do i hang a canopy for my bed if i have a ceiling fan?

I have a king sized bed tucked in the back right corner of my room beside the window and would like a canopy for it yet i have a huge ceiling fan that awkwardly... See more

How do I remove a water stain off a side table?

I had a plant on this. Thank you for your time.
q how do i remove a water stain off a side table i had a plant on this

Stop yard erosion?

After hurricane Micheal we are experiencing erosion around the bottom of our home and where the gutters exit into the yard. Ehat can you suggest to stop this?

Spray paint on lever style bathroom door handle?

Will brushed nickle spray paint hold up on a lever style door handle on a high traffic door? I would like one side of door bronze and one side nickle.