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How to remove carpet and replace with laminate flooring?

I would like to take up my carpet and replace with laminate. How hard is that to do? What do I need to know?

How do I plant veggies in an enclosed deck in an apartment?

How do I plant veggies in an enclosed deck in an apartment?

How do I fix squeeky chairs?

I have some old dining room chairs that are very squeeky. Some are wobbly. What's the easiest way to fix them?

How can I protect my furniture of pine wood from moisture and thesun ?

I would like to protect my outdoor furniture made of pine wood from moisture and the sun light. What type of varnish should I apply? Please answer with a specific brand name. Thank you.

How to make a mold for copying different shapes?

I would like to be able to make molds for copying different shapes. What do I use to make the mold material? Thanks in advance

How can I fix my old vinyl flooring?

I rent so I don't want to spend a ton but the flooring is vinyl laid over concrete slab. It has split in several places (seams mainly) and they have used different patterns in each room. I would like to unify the space but really don't have a lot of money to spend. Help

How do I refinish countertops rather than replace?

My DIY budget is very limited so I’m looking for low-cost ideas on refinishing rather than replacing my kitchen countertops.
q how do i refinish countertops rather than replace

Kitchen cabinet locked in open position, how to fix ?

The cabinet door is locked in the open position and won't close, any suggestions on fixing?
q kitchen cabinet locked in open position how to fix

How to to remove mold on concrete patio?

home made wet and forget to fix mold on patio problem

How to fix side of couch that cats destroyed

i have a couch that my cats used as a scratching board its only on the side of it is there a cheap and easy cover up i can do until i can replace it

How to control weeds through fall?

I black papered the perimeter of our yard a few weeks ago to hold back the weeds, however, they have shot up all around the edges of the paper. Can I safely ground clear (weed killing product) around these edges to kill of everything until next year? I basically have a perimeter garden for veggies and concrete patio on the middle of the yard.

What is the best self-leveling oil based paint for interior trim?

Used to use Olympic that could be used indoors or outdoors but Liwes no longer carries it. Behr brand doesn’t level itself even if thinned with paint thinner...🙁

How can I protect my roses from the winter?

I have 6 young beautiful rose bushes. Is there something I can do to protect them from the cold, wind and snow

How to build a bottom shelf on a Queen Ann side table?

Hi,Picked up this little side table and thought of maybe trying to add a bottom shelf, as I don't have much display space in my dining room. What do you think? Should I add a shelf before painting it, or leave it as is? If you think I should add one, how would I add a shelf with the rounded legs? I new to re-vamping furniture. :)ThanksMargie
q how to build a bottom shelf on a queen ann side table

How do I stain or paint white ceramic floor tile?

My bathroom floor consists of 12x12 white ceramic tiles unglazed which are constantly looking dirty. I don't want to replace them as they are fairly new(came with the house) but want to change the look so they don't show every bit of dirt and hair

Help! Deer are eating our garden, what to do?

Could you recommend some flowering plants we live in the Northeast it’s a new area to us and a lot of deer !!
q help deer are eating our garden

Where to hid a key on new SUV?

Clever way to hide a vehicle key on SUV.

Any ideas on upgrading this table & stools?

HELP!! We have a table & stool set in our kitchen & it needs updated badly! The tiles have cracks & the wood is extremely faded. Any ideas?? (Country style/rustic ideas preferably)
q any ideas on upgrading this table stools

How to get rid of moles?

I have erupted dirt mounds everywhere, from Moles. How do I get rid of the Mole problem?