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How do I "re-face" a pier?

Just moved into a new old home and it has a pier that needs help..the top boards are starting to rot. I am not a carpenter but am capable, can anyone tell me how I... See more

How to paint on canvas using a balloon?

dipping a blown-up balloon in paint

How to add class to outside houseboat deck?

One level up the deck is large enough to have a great sitting area. Need to make it look inviting to hang out. Any ideas would be great. Photo's even better.

Solar cover reel using width instead of length?

We have a 32x16 pool that cannot use a solar reel due to the diving board on one end and a ladder on the opposite end ! I would like to create a reel for the solar... See more

Paint Over Wallpaper?

Can I just paint over my wallpaper, or does the wallpaper HAVE to be stripped off first? Also what is the prep needed?

Get pets not to pee on furniture?

We have wonderful 2 pomeranians dogs, except when we put them out on our porch to do their business, they always want to pee on our beautiful furniture out there. ... See more

PVC pipe sun protection

Wondering how to use PVC pipe to make a rather large outdoor sun protector on the brick patio sort of like a pergola with total sun block out for our 3 dogs. We live... See more

Responding to siding quesrion?

The facia is covered/ wrapped with aluminum I think the siding is vynal. Thanks for all the help given so far!

Making a wooden gate?

would like to make a wooden gate for our deck..would also like to use leftover deckboards and spindles..please help

Having a problem with the second coat using chalk paint on mason jars

I'm using folk art chalk paint and the second coat is wiping off the first coat. The mason jars sat overnight so I know they are dry. The color that is giving me the... See more

How do you thicken acrylic paint?

I need to thicken acrylic paint for just a little texture.

What glue is best for gluing back together this Loom Box ?

Have tried to glue it already with UHU but it eventually all came undone again and my lovely separated beads ‘n’ things all congregated together in one big mass !... See more
q what glue is best for gluing back together this loom box



Make sliding barn door set up myself? Working with lack of a budget.

Cheers fellow Hometalkers, I am hoping that someone knows what parts I could buy myself to create a sliding barn door hardware idea I have in mind. They have all... See more

How do I transition for a 1 3/4” drop off from hall to bedroom?

Below are the pictures the yellow floor is the hallway and it goes into the master bedroom. I have the concrete square to the door way. I need the best way to... See more
q how do i transition for a 1 3 4 drop off from hall to bedroom

How to re-pot a flowering jasmine?

I have a 20 year old flowering jasmine, indoor plant. Three years ago, the leaves withered and fell and I found white bugs smaller than a pin head on some of the... See more

How to remove cigarette smoke smell from my sewing machine?

I just bought a used sewing machine. Brought it home and wiped it down with Clorox wipes and they were dirty. Now the machine reaks of cigarette smoke. I tried... See more

How can we get rid of these ugly cealings?

We were thinking of buying this house but hesitant because of the cealings. Can this be repaired at a reasonable costs? If so how. Thanks
q how can we get rid of these ugly cealings

Upcycle rubber door mat?

How can I upcycle a rubber welcome door mat?

How do I paint my refrigerator?

My refrigerator works well but is so ugly. I want to paint it.


How to clean cloth like cell blinds .