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Power lift recliner?

just purchased power lift recliner, have to sleep in one. The foot only goes up about halfway, any suggestions ?

Should Tree Come Down?

I have an ash tree that has a large gash down it that seems to be growing. A tree service recommends that I take the tree down. Do you think it needs to be removed?... See more
q should tree come down

How to fix peeling paint on aluminum house trim?

I have a brick home with aluminum trim on the soffit and facsu(spelling is wrong I'm sure). The original finish is peeling in some areas. I was thinking of using 0000... See more

Best flooring for basement?

We are moving into a home with a basement, it currently has a carpet, very dingy and ewwww. We will be removing it. The basement will be used as an... See more
q best flooring for basement, basement ideas, flooring, Before Realtor photos This carpet doesn t look too bad but it s actually a green carpet and is faded to beige

Old dresser

Should I leave this dresser as is, not sure if it is really old or not, or should I try painting it a lighter colour. Thanks for any ideas
q old dresser

How to fix a big screw hole to reinstall towel bar ?

Hello friends,My towel bar was loosen up. I can see the screw holes got bigger and unable to put the drywall anchor now. Any idea to fix these bigger screw holes?... See more
q how to fix a big screw hole to reinstall towel bar

Help with Paint Colors?

We moved into a house that is straight out of the 90s and I am painting it to give it an updated look, but can't decide on color. I was sure after looking online that... See more
q help with paint colors

Front yard landscaping?

Do the Italian cypress trees add curb appeal or no?
q front yard landscaping

Leaking pipes?

Hello all,the washing machine hose has a leak.What is the best 100% permanent spray sealant to repair the pipe that can also seal all exterior leaks also.

Kitchen counter top ?

Any suggestions for redoing a kitchen countertop that is easy, and economical as well ?

How can I change the color of a laminated bathroom counter?

Is it possible to change the color of a laminated counter without replacing it? If so, how?

How do I give my bathroom a face lift, cost effectively?

I included pictures of one bathroom. I am a beginner and need help! I want to sell the house but need to get these bathrooms out of the 60’s. There’s tile covering... See more
q how do i give my bathroom a face lift cost effectively

How do i transform this staircase?

I need inspiration! This stairway is in dire need of a makeover. I find the task daunting but maybe with some ideas I'll feel motivated. They are in a 100+ old home... See more
q how do i transform this staircase

How to get rid of houseflies ?

Having an invasion of houseflies. These are the things I’ve tried already. Raid traps that you add water to (then they smell like garbage ..not one fly went in... See more
q how to get rid of houseflies

Cover RV recliner sections?

I’m in my RV until our house is built. The 4-section “leather” sofa in our slide lasted about 6 months until the “leather all started sloughing off in pieces leaving... See more

Spot-repair old varnished cabinets with polyurethane?

I want to refurbish kitchen cabinets built in 1953. They are solid, and have historical value, but are getting worn around the door handles and edges. There is a... See more

How do i remove stain from bathtub?

Clean stains from bathtubs?

Riser repair, riser separated from tread. How to fix

Looks like the previous owner kicked the top step. How do you fix this? Not back access.
q riser repair riser separated from tread how to fix

Puzzle Pieces?

how can I recycle puzzle pieces

How do i handle peeling paint?

i want to paint over my walls but i have some spots where the paint peeled off. i'm worried it's going to hurt the quality of the new paint. how do i seal them?

Plate window valance?

how to hang a cluster of saucers and plates to make a window valance

How to stop moths?

How can I get rid of moths in my bedroom closet? Right now they are small and white. I don't like the smell of moth balls in the house. I also have two dogs and one... See more

Help! just saw topiary of newspaper filled garbage bags and cant find?

It was painted and they were stacked and it was just very recent. Thanks for any help