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How can I skim concrete over existing linoleum floor?

We have 1100 sq.ft basement floor and have tried taking it up. The house was built in 1974 no asbestos. I don't want conventional flooring of LVP, linoleum squares or... See more

Which apps can you suggest that will ID plants and trees?

The other day, someone who was digging up some plants I was giving away asked about a shrub I have. I couldn't recall the name of it so he took a photo with an app he... See more

Ideas for a glass tabletop?

I have 3 cats and my glass table top is always dirty, streaky or has catpaw prints. I'm tired of cleaning it 4xday. Tablecloths and cats don't mix either. I need... See more

Separate CDs

Separate CDs so it can be cut into pieces for mosaic art

How can I make a small DIY fish pond on my patio?

I want to put a small fish pond on my small patio using everyday recycling items. Where do I start?

How to refinish this table top?

Hello- I got this wonderful table at an auction and I painted the legs but want to keep the top the natural color- it has some scratches in it and it needs to be... See more
q how to refinish this table top

How do I tune up my lawn mower ?

I purchased a new spark plug,air filter and oil.I was looking for guidance on how to install

How do I fix a skinny closet shelf rod

Ok I really need help. My rod in my closet broke and my shelf is bent a little bit I need to know how to fix it How do I fix a skinny closet shelf rod or if I should... See more
q how do i fix a skinny closet shelf rod

Earrings and necklace hanger?

I want to make something to hang my earrings and necklace ony

How much sun is too much for hibiscus?

We are entering the really hot days of summer near Palm Springs. Would my hibiscus prefer morning or afternoon sun and for how long? Thanks

How can I get rid of MILDEW?

How do I get rid of mildew that I just found INSIDE old Video tapes ???

How to clean cement patio slab ?

How to clean cement patio slab . Years of dirt and tree pollen etc ? How to clean cement slab on patio?

How to dress up a chain link fence?

I have an ugly chain link fence around my back yard. I need to keep it because of my dog. Does anyone have any ideas on how to dress it up a bit so it is not so... See more

How to paint flower on outside glass that will withstand the elements?

How to paint flowers on outside window pane that will withstand the elements?

How do I wash/clean top-up/bottom-down shade?

I enjoy my top-up/bottom-down shades. One is smoke damaged ... originally white. Is it possible to wash it?

Need suggestions for a wall divider ... ?

I want to put up a wall divider between our casual farmhouse dining room area and the open floor plan which extends into the entranceway then living area. The house... See more

Do tiles have to be uniform in bathroom?

Hi all! Like many, covid has caused me to start projects around my house. I removed old tiles from my master bath roman tub. I tried to tile it myself with 6X12... See more
q do tiles have to be uniform in bathroom

How can I get this clean?

I know I should always wipe this area after each time I use the stove, but I'm a failure at doing that. So yesterday I rubbed and rubbed with a Mr. Clean pad but only... See more
q how can i get this clean

How do you protect screening on a lanai from cats?

Don't want to block the air, just want to keep the cat from scratching or tearing the screen ...

How do I find someone who sells double panel floating frames?

I tried to make one but my hands wont let me. lol. I need so many of them. I have really kewl pics I want to do floating frames with. Anybody know of a person or... See more

How to repair 800 series pine interior doors?

I have two beautiful lassie dogs that have clawed up 5 interior 6 panel knotty pine doors. Any ideas for covering these sins up? Too much damage to use wood filler... See more

What is a simple and easy solution to disguise this eyeshore.

I am elderly, so it will have to be an easy fix. I have no one to help me
q what is a simple and easy solution to disguise this eyeshore

Trying to choose a deck refinishing product

If anyone has used any deck refinishing products I would appreciate your feedback. Right now, it's between Behr DeckOver and Rustoleum Restore, but if you have... See more