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How to remove round tabletop from pedestal base?

I need to remove the 48" round solid oak table top from its base so I can take it out to the deck and sand it. In looking underneath, I think I have to remove the... See more
q how to remove round tabletop from pedestal base

What are some ideas for my Sister's birthday and she turns 6 ?

My 5 year old sister's birthday is a WEEK form December 25thshe turns 6 on Dec , 16th I need some ideas

My 5 year old sister's birthday is a WEEK form December 25th She is 6

She like's Painting , Unicorn's and drawing and playing Among Us , Being outside , I play softball so when i am at games she needs something to do

How to clean a marble headstone?

How do you clean a smooth marble headstone that has heavy water calcification from the nearby sprinklers? Also any suggestions on restoring the white lettering that... See more

How do you keep on top of cleaning whilst working from home?

I spend a lot of time working from home as we have a lockdown in the UK. I try to maintain my space clean and tidy. However, it is so much harder to keep things... See more

HELP,tile counter tops,darkwood ceiling,light flooring,light cabinet ?

ok, so I have an issue, my kitchen has yellow tile countertops, light wood cabinets, light wood cabinets. My husband does not want me to touch the wood, and wall... See more
q help tile counter tops darkwood ceiling light flooring light cabinet


Had a new roof installed on 11-6-2020.I am concerned about the wave/hump at the valley and the exposed nail heads under a window.See photos. Should I be... See more
q roof

Can you use E6000 to attach rhinestones to a plastic squeeze bottle?

I purchased small 2oz. plastic flip top squeeze bottles to use for hand sanitizer that I plan to bling with rhinestones and give as small Christmas gifts.I was... See more

Get rid of these flies?

Every year about 2nd week of November we are inundated with these what I think is flies. They seem to like to hang out around where the downpipes go into the ground... See more
q get rid of these flies

What's your special Holiday dish?

Let share thoughts of special favorites, I'll start it off.My grandkids love my Grammy's Red applesauce ANY time of year.Large jar of applesauce, cinnamon red-hots,... See more

How do I fix these lathe and plaster walls?

The problem exist in 1 corner of the kitchen and bathroom.Neither room has an exhaust fan in them.Moisture has been the issue.The house in Utah was built in 1919.
q how do i fix these lathe and plaster walls

I don’t want to use a fireplace screen.

I need some ideas on making the empty space more appealing other than a large floral arrangement.

How do I bake pine cones??

How do I bake pine cones to use indoors?

How can I fix the sides of these cabinets in my son’s bathroom?

We had this bathroom remodeled a few years back. These are custom made cabinets. Not really sure why this happened. (Moisture issue?) I found some stick on “tile” on... See more
q how can i fix the sides of these cabinets in my son s bathroom

Leaky pvc ball valve handle cap and joint

I spent a long time fixing a broken irrigation pipe and now have small leaks in a couple of places. In the picture water flows downwards and the ball valve controls... See more
q leaky ball valve handle cap and joint, home maintenance repairs, minor home repair, plumbing

Completely renovating 1980s 850 sq ft condo on a budget. Ideas?

I am renovating and plan to replace flooring/appliances and will paint kitchen cabinets. Repurposing is relaxing for me so looking for ideas on:. replacing or... See more
q completely renovating 1980s 850 sq ft condo on a budget ideas

How do you clean gunk out between drum and gasket of front load washer

My front load wash machine leaves brown-like grease streaks on clothes that tumble into that area of machine while in a wash cycle. How can I get all that gunk out... See more

How to order kitchen appliques to transfer to wood,?

Is there anyway to order these transfer to wood sheets

How can i order the stencil that you rub off onto wood

Its the flower decal that i think is added on a serving tray

How can I preserve this old wallpaper on this crate ?

It is brittle and coming loose at edges. I tried brushing some glue under edges, but it breaks off. If I would varnish over all of it, would the varnish soak in... See more
q how can i preserve this old wallpaper on this crate

How Would You Make This Wreath? Please Help Awesome Creative Ladies :)

Hello Ladies~ I have a friend that would like one on these made for her Son's grave. I was wondering if I could have some insight of what to do. I would like to... See more
q how would you make this wreath please help awesome creative ladies, christmas decorations, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Roll up kitchen cabinet doors?

My husband is an amputee, and when he has to use his wheelchair he often hits the kitchen cabinet doors or knobs not only scuffing them but breaking the screws off... See more