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Does anyone have any ideas to keep armadillos out of the yard?
Lynn Richart Lynn Richart Answered 2 days ago

We've tried Irish Spring soap bars, Clorox bleach, swimming pool chlorine tablets, pepper flakes, etc. Nothing works so far...

How do I build a watering solution for my plants using copper tubing?
Marti Land Marti Land Answered 2 days ago

How do I build a self water for my plants with copper tubing

What is the best method for killing grass around trees?
Danielle Segev Danielle Segev Answered 4 days ago

Hi, I would like to know how to kill the grass around the base of a tree without harming the tree itself. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you.

How do I make a DIY self watering planter?
Shoshana Shoshana Answered on Aug 30, 2023

I'm in need of a creative solution to ensure my precious potted plants stay hydrated while I'm away on holiday. I've heard about the wonders of DIY self-watering plan... See more

What to spray on dogwood trees?
GJ GJ Answered on Aug 06, 2023

My dog wood trees are covered with moss, up the trunks and out the branches. What can I spray on them to get rid of the moss and not hurt the trees?

What can I do about my Meyer lemon tree, the lemons taste awful?
Gfl12913810 Gfl12913810 Answered on Jul 29, 2023

I’ve had it for a few years and it seems every year they get worse, the taste that is. Now I just pick them and throw them away. What a waste.....

How can I avoid spending a fortune on potting soil?
Debbie Chapman Debbie Chapman Answered on Jul 27, 2023

Due to back problems, I have switched to container gardening. Not only are big pots expensive, but so is the soil! I have been told I should switch out the soil each ... See more

Question on queen palm base lifting and pulling up? Will it fall?
Jackie Wong Ong Jackie Wong Ong Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Hello we have a queen palm that we started noticing showing its roots. Is this something to worry about? We just got the fronds trimmed a couple months ago since it w... See more

How do i get rid of a stubborn weed, common purslane?
Melinda Melinda Answered on Jul 09, 2023

Hello, Does anyone know how to get rid of common purslane? I keep pulling it out and it's trying to take over my veggie garden.Help! Melinda

What is the best tool for removing weeds between pavers?
Zach Waxer Zach Waxer Answered on Jul 07, 2023

I am noticing a lot of weeds appearing between my outdoor pavers. I tried removing them by hand but most of the time I am not getting to the roots. I would love to kn... See more

How to install gutters on a detached garage?
Audrey Spear Audrey Spear Answered on Jun 12, 2023

My garage has one gutter over the driveway, but not on the other 3 sides. Is this job easy for DIY? What size and material works best? With all of this rain I have wa... See more

Indoor compost bin keeps attracting Fruit Flies- what can I do?
Sonnie Sonnie Answered on Jun 01, 2023

I have a small bin in my kitchen with holes in it that has a biodegradable /disposable liner. I put my fruit and vegetable scraps in it when I am cooking. The only pr... See more

Why are my pine trees turning brown?
Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony Answered on May 19, 2023

It happened last fall too. They fall out in clumps and get thin. Is there anything I can do?

Why are the leaves of my pear tree turning brown (pic)?
Heather Willis Heather Willis Answered on May 19, 2023

I bought a home recently and this is what the pear tree looks like, I have no idea what could be doing this to it, I don’t know much about them, help please!!!

Why are flies gathering on my covered patio in the same spot?
Christine @ Little Brags Christine @ Little Brags Answered on May 18, 2023

Hi Hometalk Peeps...I have a problem on our back covered patio. Every year in the same spot we get tons of flies ....We put up one of those fly traps before that trap... See more

How can I plant an avocado tree in Kentucky?
Theresa Theresa Answered on May 04, 2020

I am starting to grow an avocado plant in the house. Can I put it outside?

How to plant a hibiscus and marigold plant in the same container?
Olga Espinosa Olga Espinosa Answered on Feb 20, 2019

I would love to add a container with a Hibiscus plant as the thriller and grow marigolds as the fillers. Has anyone tried this? Would love to hear your ideas. Thank y... See more

How often do I water an avocado plant?
Judith Enich Judith Enich Answered on Nov 04, 2018

I have had bad luck with my avocado plants watering them as often as I water regular house plants. The leaves wither up and drop. I am trying to figure out how ofte... See more

How di I remove an artists Conk frombthe trunk if a tree without dama?
Bke22429966 Bke22429966 Answered on Aug 03, 2018

How do I remove an Artists Conk fungi From a tree trunk without damaging the conk?